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Bayview Loan Servicing Helpline! Call 888.737.6344

The Bayview Loan Servicing Helpline Arms You With The Firepower To Fight A Bayview Loan Servicing Foreclosure MFI-Miami has created a Bayview Loan Servicing Helpline to put you in touch with our Bayview Loan Servicing foreclosure defense team. The team’s focus is solely on helping homeowners develop strategies to fight Bayview Loan Servicing!  We are […]

PHH Mortgage Helpline

PHH Mortgage Helpline Call 888.737.6344

Call The PHH Mortgage Helpline! Get Connected With The Only Foreclosure Defense Team That Has Beaten PHH Mortgage MFI-Miami has created a specialized PHH Mortgage Helpline to connect you to our PHH Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Team. The team’s focus will focus solely on developing strategies to give homeowners some serious foreclosure help!  We are the […]

mortgage lending

Mortgage Lending Crazy Train Alert! No Appraisals On Sales Under $400K

Mortgage Lending Crazy Train Is Back As FDIC And OCC Say No Appraisals Needed On Home Sales Under $400,000 Mortgage lending crazy train is officially back and the Trump Administration is the engineer! It’s such a bad idea that even the dimwitted train operators Charlie Pratt and Floyd Smoot owners of the Cannonball Express think […]

mortgage loan modifications

Mortgage Loan Modifications And You: What You Need To Know!

What You Need to Know About Successful Mortgage Loan Modifications That Crazy Activist Types Don’t Know First off, let’s get one thing straight. Mortgage loan modifications are probably your best option if you are in foreclosure. Why? It’s extremely unlikely that you’re not going to score a debt-free house in your foreclosure. Even if you […]

nationstar mortgage aka mr. cooper

Nationstar Mortgage AKA Mr Cooper Mortgage Spits On Military Veteran

Veteran Sues Nationstar Mortgage AKA Mr Cooper For Putting Him In Foreclosure After Reneging On Modification Deal John T. Baldy II filed a lawsuit in West Virginia against Nationstar Mortgage aka Mr Cooper. Baldy a veteran living in Charleston. He alleges breach of contract and other counts. The veteran claims the mortgage servicer failed to […]

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