irs robocall scam

IRS Robocall Scam Busted In Southern California

Southern California Police Bust Two Women Operating a Nationwide IRS Robocall Scam  Law enforcement in Southern California have confirmed that they have busted two women running an IRS robocall scam. Police in the LA suburb of Fontana claim they have confiscated $1 million in electronics and gift cards from the two women. California authorities had […]

Jeremy Lionel Miller aka Tin-Man

Is Jeremy Lionel Miller aka Tin-Man A Rat?

Is Low-Level Fort Lauderdale Drug Dealer And Wannabe Pimp Jeremy Lionel Miller aka Tin-Man A Rat? Palm Beach County cops confirm they arrested wannabe drug dealer and pimp Jeremy Lionel Miller aka Tin-Man at the end of July. Tin-Man was a fixture of the South Fort Lauderdale drug scene. That was until Fort Lauderdale Police […]

general motors-uaw members

General Motors-UAW Members On Strike: We Are Here To Help You!

MFI-Miami Is Here To Help Striking General Motors-UAW Members With Their Mortgage Lender During The Strike MFI-Miami is here to help striking General Motors-UAW members. I am offering MFI-Miami’s services at cost to any striking General Motors-UAW members who may be having issues with their mortgage lender. We are also offering free 45 minute consultations […]

planet home lending hotline

Planet Home Lending Hotline Call 888.737.6344

The Planet Home Lending Hotline Arms You With The Firepower To Fight A Planet Home Lending Foreclosure!  MFI-Miami has created a Planet Home Lending Hotline to put you in touch with our Planet Home Lending foreclosure defense team. The team’s focus is solely on helping homeowners develop strategies to fight Planet Home Lending!  We are […]

hoa litigation

Is HOA Litigation Preventing You From Selling Your Home?

HOA Litigation Doesn’t Have To Stress You Out About Selling Your Home. However, You Need To Play It Right There’s nothing that throws a wrench into your plans to sell your home like lingering HOA litigation. Believe it or not, lawsuits involving homeowners associations have prevented thousands of homeowners from selling their homes.  The Community […]

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