Socialist Bernie Sanders And His Pigsty DC House

Angry Neighbors Say DC Home Of Socialist Bernie Sanders Is A Pigsty And Bringing Down Property Values  Very few people knew deadbeat dad presidential candidate and self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders owned three houses.  That was until former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg pointed it out last week during the Nevada Democratic debate. Bloomberg said on nationwide […]


Communist Bernie Sanders Owns Three Houses. Not Bad For A “Socialist”

Communist Bernie Sanders Owns Three Houses With Two In Posh Neighborhoods. He Paid Cash For The Third. Communist Bernie Sanders is the present Democratic frontrunner for the 2020 Presidential election. However, capitalism and being an elected official seems to have paid off for the Vermont Senator.  He recently purchased a third home with his wife, […]

Rushmore Loan Management Warning

Rushmore Loan Management Warning!

Rushmore Loan Management Warning! Can Rushmore Validate Your Mortgage Debt? Probably Not! Steve Dibert, CEO of internationally-renowned mortgage fraud investigation firm MFI-Miami, announced today that MFI-Miami has discovered serious flaws in the way Rushmore Loan Management validates debt owed by homeowners. As a result, MFI-Miami has issued a Rushmore Loan Management Warning to homeowners.  MFI-Miami […]

deadbeat dad bernie sanders

Deadbeat Dad Bernie Sanders Never Paid Child Support

Deadbeat Dad Bernie Sanders Never Paid Child Support! Sanders Let Vermont Taxpayers Feed And Clothe His Kid. The Early Years Of Deadbeat Dad Bernie Sanders  Deadbeat dad Bernie Sanders bought a piece of property in Vermont in 1964. He settled there full-time in 1968. Sanders’ first child, Levi Sanders, was born a year later to […]

wells fargo ceo

Former Wells Fargo CEO Fined $17.5 Million For Fake Accounts Fiasco

The OCC Has Personally Fined Former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf $17.5 Million For Fake Accounts Fiasco Wells Fargo indicated just over a week ago that the fallout from its fake account scandal was far from over. The bank is disclosing that it has at least $3.1 billion set aside for expected litigation payouts. In […]

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