mall of america

Mall Of America On The Verge Of Foreclosure

Mall Of America On Verge Of Foreclosure As Megamall Misses Two Payments On Its $1.4 Billion Mortgage To Wells Fargo The Mall of America has missed two months of payments on its $1.4 billion mortgage amid the coronavirus pandemic.  The Mall of America is the largest mall in the US. It is now delinquent on its […]

Landlord Warning

Landlord Warning! Don’t Be A Victim Of Rental Application Fraud!

Landlord Warning! Don’t Be A Victim Of Rental Application Fraud! Rental Application Fraud Increased By 9% In April MFI-Miami has issued a Landlord Warning to landlords. Why? Real estate tech company Snappt is reporting some disturbing news about rental application fraud. The company found rental application fraud has risen 9% since the COVID-19 pandemic began. […]

Mortgage Servicer SLS

Mortgage Servicer SLS Goes All Lord Humungus On MFI-Miami

Mortgage Servicer SLS Has Lawyers Go All Lord Humungus On MFI-Miami  It seems as if MFI-Miami has gotten the attention of Australian-owned mortgage servicer SLS or Specialized Loan Servicing. As a result, SLS has now used its lawyers to go all Lord Humungus on MFI-Miami. Hopefully, you’re old enough to remember who Lord Humungus was. For […]

Restaurant COVID-19 Surcharge

Restaurant COVID-19 Surcharge: Are Owners Trying To Cash In?

Are Restuarant Owners Trying To Cash In On A National Crisis By Charging Patrons A Restaurant COVID-19 Surcharge? Good news! Restaurants in most of the United States are starting to reopen for dining patrons. This is good news for budget-minded people who don’t like to cook. People paying 20-30% more for delivery through Grub Hub […]

Countrywide’s America’s Wholesale Lender Scam Creating Title Issues Decades Later

Countrywide Financial May Be Gone But It’s America’s Wholesale Lender Scam Is Creating Title Nightmares Decades Later MFI-Miami has been receiving lots of phone calls lately about the now-defunct Countrywide Financial’s America’s Wholesale Lender scam. Distraught title agents and homeowners are calling MFI-Miami in a panic. They are asking what to do about mortgage liens […]

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