Bayview Loan Servicing

Bayview Loan Servicing Foreclosure Defense

Are You Armed With The Right Weapons To Take On Bayview Loan Servicing? MFI-Miami has created a foreclosure defense team exclusively for Bayview Loan Servicing. The team’s focus will solely be on helping homeowners develop strategies to fight them! We are the only foreclosure and mortgage experts with the strength to successfully challenge Bayview Loan […]


NYCHA Hasn’t Performed Lead Paint Inspections In Over A Year

NYCHA Put Thousands Of Children At Risk For Lead Poisoning Because It Failed To Perform Lead Paint Inspections  NYCHA has failed to perform lead paint inspection for over a year and Mayor de Blasio knew about. Local law and federal regulation required the agency to perform inspections yearly. Mayor de Blasio knew NYCHA was in […]

Suffolk County Attorney

Suffolk County Attorney Indicted For Money Laundering

Suffolk County Attorney Indicted For Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud And Money Laundering Federal Prosecutors unsealed a 19-count against a Suffolk County Attorney. Vincent J.Trimarco Jr. has been charged with conspiracies to commit mail fraud and wire fraud. The indictment also included charges for money laundering. Trimarco orchestrated a scheme to defraud a minor out of more […]

White Plains CPA

White Plains CPA Sentenced To 22 Months In The Big House

White Plains CPA Sentenced To 22 Months In Prison For $23 Million Tax Fraud Scheme White Plains CPA Joseph Cervone has been sentenced to 22 months in prison on tax fraud charges.  Cervone pleaded guilty on March 29, 2017, to one count of endeavoring to obstruct and impede the due administration of the internal revenue […]

Slumlord Frank Rosemberg Crowned King of All Bedbugs

Slumlord Frank Rosemberg Allows Millions Of Bed Bugs To Squat In His Occupied Brooklyn Apartments You may remember Brooklyn Slumlord Frank Rosemberg. He’s the Brooklyn scumbag who abused the Public Administrator’s Office to scam an Alzheimer’s victim and her family out of their home. Slumlord Frank Rosemberg can now add King of all Bedbugs to his resume. […]

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