Frank Truatt

Frank Truatt Is In Denial About More Than Just His Wig

It’s Time For The Hudson Valley To Know The Truth About Frank Truatt And WTBQ Yes, the hair on top of WTBQ owner Frank Truatt head that makes him look like he’s going to a Foghat tribute concert is fake. But for Frank Truatt, the rug on his head is the least of his problems with WTBQ. I […]


HSBC Bank VP Convicted Of Sex Trafficking & Kiddie Porn

HSBC Bank VP Charles Familetti, Jr. Convicted Of Sex Trafficking, Kiddie Porn & Paying To Have Sex With An 11-Year-Old Boy Charles Familetti, Jr. was convicted of attempted sex trafficking of a minor and distribution of kiddie porn. He also convicted of transportation of kiddie porn and possession of kiddie porn. Familetti is a former […]

Kinky Gay Romance

Horny Priest Loots $1M From Churches For Kinky Gay Romance

Horny Bronx Priest Accused Of Stealing $1 Million From Churches To Pay For A Kinky Gay Romance With His Escort Boyfriend Catholic priest Peter Miqueli of stealing $1,000,000 to pay for a kinky gay romance according to a lawsuit. The romance included S&M sessions with his alleged boyfriend.  The scandalous lawsuit alleges Miqueli reportedly paid Keith […]

WTBQ Station Manager

Is Radio Station WTBQ Violating NY Tax Laws?

It Appears Radio Station WTBQ Is Violating Withholding Tax And Workers Compensation Requirements On Its Employees It appears Frank Truatt of radio station WTBQ needs to take a Business 101 class at Orange County Community College. He needs one taught by local business owners or CPAs. It appears Truatt is relying on the advice of the woman […]

WTBQ Station Manager

WTBQ Sales Contracts Could Be Ruled Voidable

WTBQ Sales Contracts Could Be Ruled Voidable And/Or Unenforceable If Signed By “Taylor Sterling”  WTBQ sales contracts signed by its station manager Taylor Sterling could be voidable because Taylor Sterling is not her real name. This does not bode well for WTBQ Station Owner Frank Truatt. According to an attorney the legitimacy of WTBQ sales contracts could […]

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