nypd top cops

NYPD Top Cops Get Help Fighting Their Foreclosures

MFI-Miami Is Giving Back To New York’s Finest! We’re Giving NYPD Top Cops Facing Foreclosure 67% Off! New York is an amazing city. NYPD Top Cops are some of the most amazing and dedicated police officers you can ever meet.  I know because I come from a family of cops in Detroit. My grandfather was […]

Foreclosure Tsunami

Foreclosure Tsunami Hits New York State

Foreclosure Tsunami Hits New York State As 2017 Foreclosures Are 200% Higher Than 2010 New York is facing a foreclosure tsunami. However, foreclosure across the United States are at an 11-year low. New York seems to buck the trend. ATTOM Data Solutions released its Year-End 2017 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report. The report shows foreclosure filings […]


Faux United Monroe Charity Sees Donations Plummet

Faux United Monroe Charity Preserve Hudson Valley Sees Donations Plummet By 70% Faux United Monroe charity Preserve Hudson Valley saw donation plummet in 2016. Preserve Hudson Valley grossed $115,812.70 in 2015. The faux United Monroe charity also claims they raised $20,929 from the three fundraisers. However, Preserve Hudson Valley failed to disclose who the anonymous donors who […]


Bankruptcy Will Cause Your Credit Score To Plummet

How You Can Keep Your Credit Score From Plummeting After A Bankruptcy Clients always ask about the effect a bankruptcy will have on their credit report. The Bankruptcy Court nor the BK Trustee have absolutely nothing to do with credit reporting agencies. Private corporations like Equifax and Experian report the data. However, federal law still […]

United Monroe Special

Our United Monroe Special Gives You 50 Percent Off

MFI-Miami Offering 50% Off For Monroe Homeowners. We’re Calling It The United Monroe Special.  Why am I offering a 50% off special to Monroe homeowners and calling it the United Monroe Special?  First of all, because I want to and because I want to help the people of Monroe keep their homes. Homeowners in Monroe […]

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