White Plains Foreclosure Defense

When HAMP Dies Homeowners Will Be Forced To Fight

Homeowners Will Have To Fight To Keep Their Homes When HAMP Ends Homeowners better have their loan modifications completed by December 31st or be prepared to fight their lenders. The HAMP program is coming to end. The Home Affordable Modification Program was launched in 2009 in answer to the financial crisis. The program provided financial incentives […]

Steve Neuhaus

Why Is Taylor Sterling of WTBQ Running A Fake Charity?

Several Complaints Allege Charity Run By Taylor Sterling Of WTBQ Is A Scam WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling aka Joy Taylor (one of her many names) likes to brag about her “Feeding Families” charity on the air. She also likes to drone on for hours about all the work she has done with food charities. The […]

Nationstar Mortgage

Why Is Nationstar Mortgage Scamming A 9/11 First Responder?

Nationstar Mortgage And A Bankster Law Firm Plan To Evict 9/11 First Responder After Illegally Foreclosing On Him Executives at Nationstar Mortgage like most Americans have probably never forgotten where they were the morning of September 11, 2001. The images of the jumbo jets flying into the Twin Towers are permanently etched in our minds. […]

Warwick Valley Rotary Club

Warwick Valley Rotary Club Expels Member For Protesting Nazi Group

Warwick Valley Rotary Club Expels Member For Protesting Speaker Giving “STOP THE JEWS!” Presentation To The Club On Yom Kippur The Warwick Valley Rotary Club appears to have stepped into a pile of deep trouble. The group has managed to piss off both Rotary International and the residents of the Warwick Valley at the same time.  […]

WTBQ Advertisers

Angry Listeners Call For Boycott Of WTBQ Advertisers

Angry Listeners Call For A Boycott Of WTBQ Advertisers! Psycho Station Manager Goes Nutso On Elderly Veteran Uncle Buck Psycho WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling has finally done it this time. Long time listeners of the station are so irate they are calling for a boycott of WTBQ advertisers. WTBQ listeners claim Sterling has gone […]

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