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MFI-Miami Calls On The FDIC To Fast Track Investigations Of Sterling National Bank

Bait & Switch Tactics and Liquidation Of Accounts By Sterling National Bank Are The Everyday Practices Of This “Community” Bank  “I have been in the financial arena a long time and I have never witnessed a bank as incompetently run as Sterling National Bank. The Youngblood case is a perfect example of this. Sterling National Bank holds $1.1 […]

Andrew Cuomo Body Slams Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Must Pay $4 Million For Credit Card Violations   More Than 1,300 New Yorkers Expected to Receive Restitution Payments Averaging Approximately $1,600 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that Wells Fargo Bank will pay a $2 million penalty and provide approximately $2 million in direct consumer restitution payments for violations uncovered by a […]

fighting foreclosures

Study This Book If You Want To Be Successful At Fighting Foreclosures

Understanding Sun Tzu’s Art of War Will Help In Fighting Foreclosures Fighting foreclosures is not hard if you understand Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. AOW has been studied by business leaders, military leaders and world leaders since Napoleon. In addition, it can also help in fighting foreclosures. It’s About Giving The Appearance You Have […]

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki’s Financial Clown College Coming To Tell New Yorkers They’re Lazy Bums

Robert Kiyoski Promises to Drag Your Sorry Ass Out Of The Ghetto Of Mediocrity Robert Kiyosaki, the bankrupt author of the bestselling “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series is bringing his version of Krusty’s Clown College to the Tri-State area from January 14th to January 24th. Kiyosaki is also one of Oprah favorite writers. He wants to tell […]

NY Foreclosures Filings Higher Than The Fat Kid And the Old Man From UP!

As NY Foreclosures Rise More Homeowners Are Using Lawyers To Fight For Their Home   Filings for NY foreclosures have steadily increased since 2011. This is according to the New York State Office of Court Administration. The data also shows the number of homeowners represented by legal counsel has also spiked. Roughly 44,469 NY foreclosure filings […]

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