Nazi Clowns

The Day The Cryptic Nazi Clowns Cried

Cryptic Nazi Clowns Dan Castricone And Emily Convers Give Sniveling And Pathetic Defenses Against Accusations Of Bashing Jews You missed the pity party of Cryptic Nazi Clowns Dan Castricone and Emily Convers if you live outside a 25-mile radius of Warwick, New York. The two cryptic Nazis whined and cried about how MFI-Miami is cyber-bullying them. […]

WTBQ Station Manager

Is WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s Charity A Scam?

A Complaint With The New York AG’s Charities Bureau Alleges WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s Non-Profit Is A Scam We received a few tips that question the legitimacy of WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s charity. The tips came in after I posted an article about Sterling declaring bankruptcy while living La Vita Loca in Florida. Sterling aka […]

Emily Convers

Allstate Insurance Customers Threaten To Cancel Policies

Allstate Insurance Customers Are Not Happy. They Threaten To Cancel Policies Over Allstate Agent Dan Castricone’s Cryptic Nazi Comments It seems like Allstate Insurance customers are pretty angry at Allstate Insurance Agent Dan Castricone. As a result, they are threatening to cancel their policies. They are angry that Allstate would allow one of their agents to […]


Attorney Dan Castricone Admits Leading Cryptic Nazi Groups

Attorney Dan Castricone Is The Man Behind Cryptic Nazi Groups It has been confirmed that Attorney Dan Castricone is the man pulling the levers of two cryptic Nazi groups. Castricone is secretly leading United Monroe and Orange Is The New Bloc in New York’s Lower Hudson Valley. United Monroe and OITNB have been vocal in their […]

Steve Neuhaus

Bob Krahulik Amateur Porn: Does It Measure Up?

We Asked For It And We Got It! We Have Enough Unconfirmed Bob Krahulik Amateur Porn To Make A Straight Man Go Blind MFI-Miami did a shout out to all the ladies in the Lower Hudson Valley several weeks ago. We wanted to know who received unsolicited amateur porn from Warwick attorney Bob Krahulik. Krahulik is […]

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