michigan state university FCU

Jesus Freaks Hack Michigan State University FCU Steal $2.3 Million

Bible Thumping Hacker Steals $2.3 Million From Michigan State University FCU. Money Went To Nigerian Mega Church Michigan State University FCU was hacked by an overzealous follower of Jesus. The hacker managed to get access to 2300 Visa debit card numbers. Consequently, the money went to Loveworld TV. Michigan Media is reporting that Loveworld TV […]

european housing market

European Housing Market Is Heading Into A Crash

European Housing Market Could Be Heading For A Crash Of Epic Proportions Thanks To Negative Interest Rates  It appears the European housing market is heading toward the perfect storm of a collapse. The European Central Bank has initiated negative interest rates and it is causing property values to skyrocket. This is coupled with high rates […]

mortgage fraud expert witness

Mortgage Fraud Expert Witness Services From MFI-Miami

MFI-Miami Offers Mortgage Compliance And Mortgage Fraud Expert Witness Services For Homeowners In Foreclosure MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert offers mortgage fraud expert witness services to lawyers and to pro-se homeowners in foreclosure. Steve Dibert has testified or sat for depositions in foreclosure cases in five different states. Those states include Connecticut and Florida. As well […]

disabled combat veteran

PHH Mortgage Evicting Disabled Combat Veteran On Christmas Eve

After Jerking Around A Disabled Combat Veteran For Nearly A Decade, PHH Mortgage Plans To Evict Him On Christmas Eve  Being sick from toxic fumes he didn’t know he was inhaling was the last thing disabled combat veteran Kevin Elkins was thinking about while sitting in the Saudi Arabian desert almost 30 years ago. Elkins […]

first presbyterian church

First Presbyterian Church of Miami Hit With $7.1 Million Tax Bill

First Presbyterian Church of Miami Hit With $7.1 Million Tax Bill After Violating Religious Exemption Status Miami-Dade County has slapped First Presbyterian Church of Miami with a $7.1 million property tax bill. The Miami-Dade Property Appraiser alleged Miami’s oldest church violated its religious exemption status. The Miami Herald reports the church is being taxed because […]

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