AIME CEO Anthony Casa Takes Leave Of Absence

AIME CEO Takes Leave Of Absence After Making Comments About Quicken Executive’s Wife Playing The Skin Flute Anthony Casa announced he will be stepping back as AIME CEO. Casa started the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts several years go. The group educates and fights for the rights of mortgage brokers. Casa faced a serious backlash […]

Crybaby Quicken Loans Executive

Crybaby Quicken Loans Executive And Wife Sues AIME CEO

Crybaby Quicken Loans Executive And Wife File Idiotic Lawsuit Against AIME CEO For Defamation. They Deny Theresa Niemiec Ever Performed Oral Sex On CEO Of Quicken Loans Rival. It appears Dan Gilbert’s over-inflated ego is rubbing off on his senior cult members. It seems as if a crybaby Quicken Loans executive and his wife are upset because […]

Toilet Slave Priest Found Dead In His New Jersey Home

Disgraced Toilet Slave Priest Peter Miqueli Who Used Church Funds To Pay For S&M Master Found Dead Disgraced toilet slave priest ­Peter Miqueli was found dead in his New Jersey home yesterday. Miqueli was accused of embezzling $1 million from his Bronx parish in 2015. The kinky priest used the money to pay for kinky […]

mortgage industry

Mortgage Industry Says Foreclosures Will Skyrocket In August

Mortgage Industry Warns Foreclosures Will Skyrocket In August If COVID-19 Relief Is Stopped  The mortgage industry has been sounding the alarm bells in Washington for several months about extending COVID-19 relief. Now, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has also joined the orchestra of alarm bells. The industry is warning that this time the flood […]

Mr. Cooper COVID19

Mr. Cooper Mortgage COVID19 Foreclosure Defense Call 888.737.6344

Call The Mr. Cooper Mortgage COVID19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline At 888.737.6344 MFI-Miami has created a Mr. Cooper COVID19 Mortgage COVID19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline to put you in touch with our Mr.Cooper Mortgage foreclosure defense team. The team’s focus is solely on helping homeowners develop strategies to fight Mr. Cooper!  We are also the only foreclosure […]

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