mortgage payments

Mortgage Payments Increased 17% Annually In July

The Mortgage Bankers Association Says Mortgage Payments Increased 17% Annually As Homebuyer Affordability Becomes More Challenging The Mortgage Bankers Association says homebuyer affordability remained unchanged in July from June. However, mortgage payments increased 17% from last year. The MBA’s Purchase Applications Payment Index (PAPI) measures how new monthly mortgage payments vary across time. The index […]

Supreme Court Has Told

Supreme Court Has Told GOP AGs To Bugger Off From CFPB Suit

US Supreme Court Has Told A Coalition Of 27 State GOP Attorneys General To Bugger Off In CFPB Litigation The US Supreme Court has told a coalition of 27 Republican state attorneys general to bugger off. The high court denied their request to join oral arguments against the constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. […]

Bank of America Has Prevailed

Bank of America Has Prevailed In Ghetto Loans Lawsuit

Bank of America Has Prevailed In The Cook County Ghetto Loans Lawsuit As 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules In It’s Favor Bank of America has prevailed in a ghetto loans lawsuit brought against it by Cook County, Illinois. Cook County sued the bank alleging predatory mortgage loans to Black and Hispanic borrowers in the Chicago […]

freedom mortgage spanked

Freedom Mortgage Spanked By CFPB

Freedom Mortgage Spanked By CFPB To The Tune Of $1.75 Million For Illegal Kickbacks To Realtors Last week, Freedom Mortgage was spanked by the CFPB to the tune of $1.75 million. The CFPB say Freedom Mortgage paid kickbacks to real estate brokers in exchange for mortgage loan referrals. The CFPB said Freedom provided real estate […]

beat my foreclosure

I Beat My Foreclosure. How Do I Get My Lender To Pay Up?

I Beat My Foreclosure In Florida. How Do I Get My Greedy SOB Lender To Pay My Legal Bill?  So now you have bragging rights. You are one of the few homeowners in Florida who can hold their head up high and proclaim, “I beat my foreclosure!”  So, now you’re feeling euphoric. Your head is […]

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