Select Portfolio Servicing Is

Select Portfolio Servicing Is Busted Jerking Around People Of Color, Again!

Credit Suisse Owned Select Portfolio Servicing Busted! Servicer Accused Of Jerking Around Black Homeowners, Again! Select Portfolio Servicing is busted jerking around people of color. This isn’t the first time. I’ve written about this multiple times. However, this time it was WFTV Reporter Todd Ulrich in Orlando who busted them. Ulrich also received the run […]

Federal Rent Relief Programs Being Rejected By Landlords

Landlords Are Rejecting Federal Rent Relief Programs They Once Championed. Landlords Say It’s Easier To Evict. It appears landlords are now shunning the federal rent relief programs initiated by the Biden Administration.  The federal program was designed to give landlords $50 billion in incentives to keep renters in their homes. Landlords initially hailed the program […]

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Faces Ethics Investigation

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Faces Ethics Investigation For Threatening To Destroy Local Business A local Delray Beach resident has filed an ethics complaint on Wednesday against Commissioner Juli Casale. According to the complaint, Casale threatened local mortgage broker Christopher Mitchell’s business. The complaint could mean the end of Casale’s political career.  The complaint states […]

The Biden American Rescue Plan: What It Means For Housing

The Biden American Rescue Plan Gives Approximately $10 Billion To Struggling Homeowners President Joe Biden signed the Biden American Rescue Plan Thursday. The plan frees up $1.9 trillion to help invigorating the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill authorizes sending $1,400 direct payments to individuals making up to $75,000 annually. The package also allocates $350 […]

Commissioner Juli Casale

Is Juli Casale Mentally Fit To Hold Public Office?

Is Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Mentally Fit To Hold Public Office? Her Behavior Raises Serious Concerns. The Delray Beach City Commission meetings are usually boring and filed with a lot of mundane governmental technobabble. So, like most people, you probably missed City Commissioner Juli Casale having an epic meltdown. Casale’s March 2nd Joan Crawford style […]

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