Pervert Oklahoma Landlord

Pervert Oklahoma Landlord Sued By DOJ

Justice Department Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Pervert Oklahoma Landlord for Sexually Harassing Tenants The Justice Department filed a lawsuit today against a pervert Oklahoma landlord for sexually harassing female tenants. The DOJ alleges Shevis “Don” Petties violated the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Petties has owned, operated or managed residential rental properties in Oklahoma City, […]

Billion-Dollar Cyber Kidnapping Scam

Billion-Dollar Cyber Kidnapping Scam Hits America

American Families Go On High Alert And Some Panic As A Billion-Dollar Cyber Kidnapping Scam Hits America The billion-dollar cyber kidnapping scam has hit America by storm. The scam created by Mexican prisoners and perfected by Chinese gangs has taken America by storm. There is one foolproof way to protect yourself and your family. Here […]

former swiss bank executive

Former Swiss Bank Executive Pleaded Guilty to Tax Fraud

Former Swiss Bank Executive Rolf Schnellmann Pleaded Guilty to Tax Fraud Conspiracy By Helping Americans Hide Money From Uncle Sam A former Swiss executive pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to defraud the United States government. Rolf Schnellmann operated a scheme to help high-net-worth U.S. taxpayers conceal their income by hiding assets in offshore […]

Arizona Drug Cartel Bagman

Arizona Drug Cartel Bagman Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud Scheme

Arizona Drug Cartel Bagman Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Helping Sinaloa Drug Cartel Steal Money From Bank Accounts Arizona Drug Cartel Bagman Luis Ramirez helped to obtain “leads” for fraudsters. The fraudsters sought to steal money from the bank account information of unknowing U.S. victims. The Arizona Drug Cartel Bagman and his co-conspirators acquired the […]

Georgia Attorney

Georgia Attorney Convicted In $7Million COVID-19 Relief Scam

Former Atlanta Cop Turned Georgia Attorney Convicted In $7 Million COVID-19 Relief Scam A federal jury a former Atlanta cop turned Georgia attorney of scamming over $7 million in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Court records show Shelitha Robertson conspired to submit bogus PPP loan applications. She submitted the fake applications on behalf […]

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