Truth Social

Truth Social Alert! Donald Trump’s New Twitter Ripoff A Major Flop!

Truth Social Has Flaccid Launch. Trump’s Heavily Promoted Twitter Knock Off Appears To Be A Failure Donald Trump’s Twitter knock off, Truth Social, is failing miserably and that’s not good news for him. Donald Trump was hoping to use it as a microphone like he did with Twitter as he weighs another run for the […]

Federal Open Market Committee

Federal Open Market Committee Raises Interest Rates

Federal Open Market Committee Raises Interest Rates As The Country Recovers From The Covid-19 Pandemic. Fed Plan 6 More Rate Increases The Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in four years. Thus, marking an end to the easy money that gave rise to the hottest mortgage […]


Walmart Will Now Offer Mortgages To It’s Customers

Walmart Announces It Will Lease Retail Space In It’s Stores To Lenders One Cooperative To Sell Mortgages Walmart and Lenders One Cooperative announced last week that they have struck a deal. The megastore chain will lease retail space in stores to Lenders One to sell mortgage products and services. Lenders One inked a deal for […]

novad management

Novad Management Consulting Is Still Jerking Seniors Around

Is Novad Management Consulting Jerking You Around? MFI-Miami Can Help You! Call 888.737.6344 Is Reverse Mortgage servicer Novad Management Consulting jerking people around again? It certainly looks that way and it’s only getting worse.  Whatever is going on in at Novad Management Consulting or the mind of it’s CEO Devon Kelly is unknown. It appears […]

ukraine invasion

Ukraine Invasion Could Mean Lower Mortgage Interest Rates

Ukraine Invasion Could Mean Lower Mortgage Interest Rates Over The Next Several Months Stocks fell last week as Russian troops launched a full-scale Ukraine invasion. The war could lead to lower mortgage rates in the U.S. Why? Investors often flee to safer options during military conflicts. They usually flock to U.S. Treasury notes, bonds and […]

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