Mortgage Forbearance Alert: You Have Options As Mortgage Forbearance Ends

MORTGAGE FORBEARANCE ALERT! Don’t Be Caught Facing Foreclosure. You Have Options! MORTGAGE FORBEARANCE ALERT! Some homeowners will soon come to the end of their 18-month mortgage forbearance period. As a result, borrowers affected by the pandemic will have to figure out how to repay their back payments. Fortunately, most loan servicers don’t want to foreclose. […]

Detroit Land Bank Property Used For Heroin And Sex Trafficking

Another Detroit Land Bank Property Used As A Heroin And Sex Trafficking Hub For Southeast Michigan MFI-Miami has uncovered another Detroit Land Bank property is being used for drug and sex trafficking in Detroit’s eastside. A parade of crack addicts and junkies can be seen parading in and out of the abandoned house at 13953 […]


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