Ilsa Koch

She May Not Be Ilsa Koch, She-Wolf of the SS, But…

But Linda Orlans Is As Close As Detroit Can Get To Ilsa Koch, She-Wolf Of The SS I first came across Ilsa Koch wannabe Linda Orlans two years ago. Her firm tried unsuccessfully to kick an abused women with mental illness out of her home in western Massachusetts. Dealing with Linda Orlans is like dealing […]

Welcome to Café Orlans, Specials Are Perjury and Conspiracy

Welcome to Café Orlans, Specials Are Perjury and Conspiracy Prepared By Chef Marshall Isaacs. You Also Get Some Judicial Incompetence By Judge Martha Anderson For Dessert I’ve written a couple times about my client with the Small Cell Carcinoma who was jerked around by Bank of America about a loan modification and was then illegally […]

oakland county circuit court

Queen Of The Oakland County Circuit Court Needs To Fire Her Script Writer

Queen Of The Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson Needs To Fire Her Script Writer It was quite the contest to find the inaugural recipient of the Home Wrecker of the Week but after watching this person wield the sword of justice like a chimpanzee trying to write a Shakespearian epic, there was absolutely […]

Michigan Treasury

Force Placing Escrows Is About Greed Not Taxes and Insurance

 Force Placing Escrows By Lenders Is Form Of Mortgage Fraud   Since starting MFI-Miami almost three years ago, my staff and I have reviewed nearly 800 mortgage files and in nearly 70% of those files were the homeowner’s lender force placing escrows. “Never ask when you can take” –Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #52 One of […]

Quicken Loans Fraud

Does Quicken Loans Utilize The Li’l Bastard Brainwashing Kit?

The Quicken Loans Brainwashing Kit Makes Employees Say, “All Hail, Glorious Leader Of Quicken Loans” Back in the day when I originated loans in Metro Detroit, I had friends who worked at Quicken Loans and it was apparent they drank the special  Dan Gilbert flavored Kool-Aid. It got to the point where they would meet […]

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