social media scams

Social Media Scams Have Cost Americans $2.7 Billion

Americans Have Lost $2.7 Billion To Social Media Scams Since 2021. Experts Say Clicking On Internet Ads Is A Costly Mistake. Federal Trade Commission data shows social media scams have cost Americans billions of dollars. The FTC says victims have lost $2.7 billion to fraudsters on social media since 2021. Scammers are increasingly targeting victims […]

Fannie Mae To

Fannie Mae To Increase LTV Ratios

Fannie Mae To Increase LTVs In November. Are They Driving The Housing Market Off The Cliff Again? Fannie Mae on Thursday announced that its Desktop Underwriting system. The new GSA guidelines include new changes to the maximum allowable LTV ratios for two- to four-unit and principal residences. The changes also apply to purchase and limited […]

Homebuying Has Become

Homebuying Has Become More Stressful Than Dating

Redfin Study Shows 59% Of Americans Believe Homebuying Has Become More Stressful Than Dating  A recent Redfin survey shows that notable 59% of recent homebuyers found homebuying has become more stressful than dating. Homebuyers purchasing a home in today’s market have deal with unique set of anxieties. Buyers are increasingly ghosting sellers as housing costs […]

The American Housing Market

The American Housing Market Resembles 2006

The American Housing Market Is Resembling 2006. Is It Deja Vu All Over Again? The American housing market is sound disturbingly familiar to us who survived the housing crash 15 years ago. Skyrocketing home prices have very suddenly leveled off. Recession fears are swirling and the number of home sales has dropped off in the […]

Financial Necromancer SLS

Financial Necrophiliac SLS Is Still Trying To Collect Zombie Debt

Financial Necrophiliac SLS Is Still Trying To Illegally Collect On Decades Old Zombie Debt From Homeowners.  Financial necromancer SLS is still at it. They are still trying to collect on decades old zombie second mortgage debt from homeowners. Most of the homeowners that Specialized Loan Servicing are illegally harassing had their second mortgages wiped out […]

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