Homestar Financial

Homestar Financial Throws In The Towel

And Another One Bites The Dust! Homestar Financial Shuts Down Amidst Mortgage Volatility Georgia based Homestar Financial announced this week that it is shutting down. The company blames rising mortgage rates and massive volume decrease. Additionally, they are also blaming the market compression for the closure.  A Homestar Financial LO posted on Facebook: Please pray […]

Deceptive Romspen Loan-To-Own

The Deceptive Romspen Loan-To-Own Toxic Financing Scam

Commercial Borrowers Beware: The Deceptive Romspen Loan-To-Own Toxic Financing Scam That Could Cost You Everything  There has been a particular odd pattern in which Canadian commercial lender Romspen has been lending money in the past ten years. The reason this is particularly odd is that Romspen is lending against projects that don’t generate any revenue […]

Florida Lawyer Bruce Jacobs

Foreclosure Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Sells Out To The Dark Side

Suspended Foreclosure Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Sells Out And Takes A Job With Bottom Feeding Property Investor Tony Stern Unsurprisingly, suspended bottom feeding foreclosure lawyer Bruce Jacobs has finally sold his soul. However, that is if you want to assume he ever had one. Jacobs has taken a job with Property Onion. Property Onion is operated […]

Fox Business Reports Home Foreclosures Are Up 34%

Fox Business Reports Home Foreclosures Are Up 34% Across The US As Americans Grapple With Cost-Of-Living Crisis Fox Business is reporting that home foreclosures are on the rise. This is due to Americans grappling with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. That is according to a new report published by real estate data provider ATTOM. The ATTOM […]


iHeartMedia Office Raided By Feds In DJ Envy Ponzi Scam

Feds Arrest DJ Envy’s Business Partner Cesar Pina For Wire Fraud. Feds Then Raid iHeartMedia Offices. Federal agents raided the corporate offices of iHeartMedia offices yesterday after they arrested Cesar Pina. Pina was business partners of iHeartMedia’s syndicated morning show, The Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy. The FBI has arrested Pina on Wednesday and charged […]

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