Loan Modification Or A Refinance

Loan Modification Or A Refinance: Which One Is Best For You?

Loan Modification Or A Refinance: Which One Works Best For You Depends on Your Financial Situation Are you looking at saving money on your mortgage? A loan modification or a refinance are two options at your disposal. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be in foreclosure or be delinquent on your mortgage to […]

Banks Spied On MAGA

Banks Spied On MAGA Supporters For Feds Says GOP

GOP Says 13 Banks Spied On MAGA Supporters And Alleged January 6th Insurrectionists For Feds  Republicans in Congress allege 13 banks spied on MAGA supporters for the US government. They claim the government focused on January 6 insurrectionists looking for ‘extremism’ indicators. The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Yes, that’s […]

fintech company

Fintech Company Accused Of Being A Housing Cartel

Fintech Company RealPage Accused Of Being A Housing Cartel That Drives Up Rental Prices Across The USA Plaintiffs in a lawsuit say Texas based fintech company RealPage allegedly created a ‘rental cartel.’  The rental cartel enabled landlords across the US to artificially drive up rental prices. Property management firms nationwide use the software sold by […]

Speedballing Boozer Judge Bradley Knol

Speedballing Boozer Judge Gets Token Punishment

Muskegon Judge Gives Speedballing Boozer Judge Bradley Knoll A Finger Wagging and Token Punishment For Beating His Wife  It’s good to be a judge in Michigan. It comes with lots of “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards especially when you decide to get drunk and beat your wife. Just ask 58th District Court Judge Bradley […]

New York Lawmakers

New York Lawmakers Create $5 Billion Shoplifting Black Market

New York Lawmakers Have Created An Organized $5 Billion Black Market For Shoplifters To Fence Stolen Goods The crusade by New York lawmakers to go easy on “minor” crimes like shoplifting has proved to be a disaster. Shoplifting in New York City alone rising 64% since 2019. Shoplifting and other retail theft already cost New […]

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