The Feds Always Go After The Little Guy In Mortgage Fraud Cases

In Prison for Taking a Liar Loan Joe Nocera, NY Times A few weeks ago, when the Justice Department decided not to prosecute Angelo Mozilo, the former chief executive of Countrywide, I wrote a column lamenting the fact that none of the big fish were likely to go to prison for their roles in the financial crisis. […]

Welcome to Café Orlans, Specials Are Perjury and Conspiracy Prepared By Chef Marshall Isaacs

Entree By Marshall Isaacs With Judicial Incompetence By Judge Martha Anderson For Dessert Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami I’ve written a couple times about my client with the Small Cell Carcinoma who was jerked around by Bank of America about a loan modification and was then illegally foreclosed on by Bank of America’s foreclosure mill, Orlans Associates. […]

Quicken Loans Gets Hit With a $3 million Predatory Lending Verdict In Ohio

Kyla Asbury,  West Virginia Record An Ohio County judge has ruled against Quicken Loans in a $3 million predatory lending case. Circuit Court Judge Arthur M. Recht concluded an eight-day trial that spanned 17 months by awarding punitive damages, attorney fees and costs to mother and daughter Wheeling residents Lourie Jefferson and Monique Brown. The […]

Quicken Loans Trial Starts

This quote from Mayer Morganroth made me laugh because as I wrote about last week, Quicken’s so-called “experts” were nothing more than phone jockeys who pushed product and and took orders in a boiler room type atmosphere. “…the employees were akin to doctors and lawyers, professionals who don’t get overtime.” – Mayer Morganroth, Attorney for […]

Amateur Flipper Gets Burned Using Online Foreclosure Auction

Mary Shanklin, Orlando Sentinel OK, maybe it was too easy. With just a few clicks of the mouse, Orlando accountant John Dey bought a Lake Nona-area house that was auctioned off during one of Orange County’s new, online foreclosure auctions. And get this: In the kind of deal espoused by get-rich-quick authors, he paid just […]

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