Student Loan Debt Crisis

Student Loan Debt Crisis Also Hitting Aging Baby Boomers

The Student Loan Debt Crisis Isn’t Just A Problem For Millennials The student loan debt crisis has hit the baby boom generation. Roughly 4% of Americans between ages 65 to 74 carried federal student loan debt in 2010. This figure is up from 3% in 2004 according to a report by the Governmental Accountability Office […]

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Student Loan Debt Crisis Will Dwarf The Mortgage Crisis

This Is Why MFI-Miami Has Started Investigating Student Loan Debt In 2010, the New York Times ran a story about an Austrian guy who broke off his engagement with his American fiancee because of her $170,000 student loan debt. Americans expressed their “OMG! That’s horrible!” on social media. Americans then shrugged their shoulders and went back […]

Economic Genocide

Sorry Max Keiser But The 2nd Housing Crisis Isn’t Coming. It’s Already HERE!

The 2nd Housing Crisis Is The Fault Of Wall Street And The American Judicial System   The 2nd housing crisis is here. ML-Implode Founder Aaron Krowne was on Max Keiser’s financial show discussing the second wave of foreclosures that are predicted to hit the housing market. Yet, the coming apocalypse they are predicting is already […]

Student loan fraud

MFI-Miami To Begin Investigating Student Loan Fraud And Collection Abuses

MFI-Miami To Begin Investigating Student Loan Fraud And Collection Abuses Committed By The Major Student Loan Operators MFI-Miami is now expanding its services investigating student loan fraud. Many consumers have become trapped in high-interest student loan debt. They don’t realize they are victims of student loan fraud. They are also victims of illegal collections practices. […]


CNBC Promotes Video Of Host Rick Santelli Having Nonsensical And Idiotic Rant

CNBC Host Santelli Goes Ape Shit When Other Hosts Call Him Out For Never Being Accurate CNBC talking head Rick Santelli went on an epic rant about Janet Yellin and Fed policy. You may remember Santelli. Santelli is the guy who called for a rebellion against Obama less than 60 days after Obama was sworn […]

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