14500 Long Islanders

14500 Long Islanders Are In Mortgage Default

14500 Long Islanders Are In Mortgage Default As The New York State Foreclosure Moratorium Ends Tomorrow 14500 Long Islanders are in some phase of foreclosure according court records. They could be forced out of their homes by the courts as early as Labor Day 2022. Homeowners need to step up their game if they are […]

Property Tax Increases

Property Tax Increases Cause Foreclosure Rates To Skyrocket

Local Property Tax Increases Are Causing Mortgage And Tax Foreclosures To Skyrocket Homeownership platform Knock has found that the nation’s double-digit home value appreciation is a double edge sword. It has pushed homeowner’s equity to record highs. However, homeowners are now seeing local property tax increases. The recent rapid appreciation of home values has boosted […]

FHFA Hiked Fees

FHFA Hiked Fees For High-Balance And Second-Home Loans

FHFA Hiked Fees For High Balance And Second-Home Loans Sold To Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac FHFA hiked fees for some high-balance and second-home loans sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The new upfront fees for high balance loans will increase between 0.25% and 0.75%. FHFA says the new fee increases will be based […]

Northern Michigan Christian Academy School

The Lee Chatfield Files: Former Michigan House Speaker Accused Of Statutory Rape

Former Bible-Toting Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Underage Girl The sister-in-law of Lee Chatfield has filed a criminal complaint against him for sexual assault. Lee Chatfield is the former Speaker of the Michigan House. The alleged victim initially filed the complaint with the Lansing Police Department. However, the Lansing Police transferred […]

Payday Loan Scam

Payday Loan Scam Bilked Investors Out Of Millions

Miami Based Payday Loan Scam Bilked 500 Venezuelan-American Investors Out Of Millions Of Dollars The opererator of a Miami-based payday loan scam bilked hundreds of investors out of millions of dollars. The SEC alleges Efrain Betancourt Jr. repaid others with money he acquired from a Ponzi scheme. Federal investigators allege Betancourt  scammed 500 investors from […]