snapchat sextortationist

Snapchat Sextortionist Found Guilty Targeting Kids

Snapchat Sextortionist Found Guilty Using Snapchat And Kik To Coerce Kids Into Making Kiddie Porn A Snapchat Sextortionist was convicted this week of multiple kiddie porn-related crimes. Joseph Isaiah Woodson Jr used popular messaging apps to coerce minors into producing child pornography.  A federal court jury convicted Woodson on three counts of producing child pornography […]

deadbeat tenant

DEADBEAT TENANT ALERT: Tenant Played Dead To Avoid Paying Rent

Deadbeat Tenant Played Dead To Avoid Paying Rent. Now He’s Sitting In Jail. A deadbeat tenant in Maine played dead to fool his landlord. The landlord called the cops and the deadbeat tenant and he was later arrested. Cops discovered the deadbeat was very much alive. They also found Zarins conscious and responsive and not […]

Carrington Mortgage Helpline

Carrington Mortgage Helpline Call 888.737.6344

The Carrington Mortgage Helpline Arms You With The Firepower To Fight A Carrington Mortgage Foreclosure MFI-Miami has created a Carrington Mortgage Helpline to put you in touch with our Carrington Mortgage foreclosure defense team. The team’s focus is solely on helping homeowners develop strategies to fight Carrington Mortgage!  We are the only foreclosure and mortgage […]

mortgage loan modifications

Mortgage Loan Modifications And You: What You Need To Know!

What You Need to Know About Successful Mortgage Loan Modifications That Crazy Activist Types Don’t Know First off, let’s get one thing straight. Mortgage loan modifications are probably your best option if you are in foreclosure. Why? It’s extremely unlikely that you’re not going to score a debt-free house in your foreclosure. Even if you […]

Florida Cops

Florida Cops Bust Drug and Sex Trafficker Exposed In MFI-Miami Article

Florida Cops Bust Drug and Sex Trafficker Exposed In June MFI-Miami Article Florida cops have confirmed the arrest of the low-level drug dealer, “Tin-Man”. Tin-Man was a fixture of the South Fort Lauderdale drug scene. That was until it was busted up in June. Tin-Man is now sitting clutching a bar of soap on a […]