Ellen Coon Faces Off Against Marshall Isaacs For Title Of Robo-Signing Champ

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Yesterday, I posted an article about how documents allegedly signed by Kenneth Kurel, an attorney at Detroit based foreclosure mill, Trott & Trott appear to have been robo-signed by other people.  It now appears his colleague at Trott & Trott, Ellen Coon is poised to give  Marshall Isaacs at Troy based Orlans Associates some […]

Trott & Trott

MFI-Miami Finds Evidence Of Robo-signing At Trott & Trott

Will The Real Kenneth Kurel From Trott & Trott Please Stand Up! MFI-Miami has discovered 8 different and unique signatures for Kenneth Kurel (P58771) from foreclosure mill, Trott & Trott on file with four different Register of Deeds across Michigan. Kenneth Kurel is an attorney with the law firm of Trott & Trott. The foreclosure […]

Paper Terrorist Jacob Franz Dyck is back in the news

Jacob Dyck’s wild deeds perplex homeowners Alexandra Zayas and John Martin, St. Petersburg Times Last year, Olga Aponte sold the New York home she had owned for 32 years and paid cash for a foreclosure house in Kissimmee. The 67-year-old wanted a solid retirement investment. For months, she lived in peace. That was, until she learned about […]

I was on First Shift With Tony Trupiano In Detroit This Morning

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami For those of you who may have missed it, I was on First Shift With Tony Trupiano this morning talking about my favorite subject, Linda Orlans, Marshall Isaacs and fraudulent mortgage assignments Michigan based Orlans Associates are filing in Essex County, Massachusetts.  We discussed how Orlans and her Massachusetts partner Julie Moran […]

Interstate Notary Fraud Uncovered At Detroit Foreclosure Mill

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Back in July, MFI-Miami exposed how Orlans Associates in suburban Detroit was violating the Michigan Notary Public Act by filing affidavits and mortgage assignments at County Register of Deeds offices across Michigan containing notary signatures that did not match the Notary’s application on file with the Michigan Secretary of State. MFI-Miami has […]

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