Burned-down houses become tombs for countless squatters in Detroit

Steve Neavling, Motor City Muckraker An untold number of bodies are buried beneath the charred rubble of burned-down houses and buildings in Detroit. Even when neighbors tell investigators that squatters are living in vacant buildings ravaged by fire, the city rarely does more than a cursory search. Police are charged with the task of searching […]

Is Mary Jo White Wall Street’s BFF?

Obama’s nomination of Mary Jo White reveals the president still isn’t serious about cracking down on big banks DAVID SIROTA, Salon If your first reaction to this morning’s news about President Obama nominating Mary Jo White to head the Securities and Exchange Commission is positive, that’s understandable. She’s a former prosecutor and, as such, much of the […]

GOP To Obama: You Don’t Know Jack About Jack Lew!

Treasury nominee Lew’s history with Citigroup raises questions  Jia Lynn Yang, Washington Post A day after New Year’s in 2008, Citigroup announced that one of its most troubled units had a new chief operating officer: Jack Lew. In a sea of Wall Street traders and hedge fund managers, Lew stood out. He was a career government bureaucrat who […]


Bikini Babes On Facebook Could Be Bill Collectors

Debt Collectors Are Using Bikini Babes On Facebook To Collect Debts Debt Collectors are using social media sites like Facebook to get you pay your debts. They are using some pretty innovative ways to get you to disclose information. One common practice is to set up fake accounts. The fake person use pictures of internet […]

Tina Turner

Tina Turner Does To America What She Did To Ike…She Splits

Tina Turner To Become A Swiss Miss. Is It To Avoid Taxes? Tina Turner is renouncing her U.S. citizenship in order to become a citizen of Switzerland. Turner has been living on shores of Lake Zurich since 1995. Turner’s longtime partner, German record executive Erwin Bach, was transferred there. According to AP, Turner told German […]

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