Coinbase Warns Its Customers They May Lose ALL Their Crypto

Coinbase Warns Its 98 Million Customers They May Lose $256 Billion Worth Of Crypto And Fiat Money If Company Goes Bust  Coinbase saw an epic plummet of more than 27% this week. The company issued a stark warning to customers, “Your crypto is at risk if the exchange goes bankrupt.” Coinbase claims they have more than […]

Tampa Lawyer And Paralegal

Tampa Lawyer And Paralegal Busted Scamming Foreclosure Victims

Tampa Lawyer And Paralegal Convinced Foreclosure Victims To Sign Over Their Homes. They Then Filed Bogus BK Docs To Illegally Rent Out The Homes It’s official. A Tampa lawyer and paralegal are going to prison. The paralegal will spend 15 months in federal prison for conspiring to commit bankruptcy fraud. Authorities busted him trying to […]

Miami Developer Caroline Weiss

Miami Developer Caroline Weiss Accused Of Multiple Counts Of Fraud

Lawsuit Alleges Wannabe Miami Developer Caroline Weiss Perpetrated A Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Scheme Against Her Own Children I have seen a lot scams and mortgage fraud schemes. I have also written about the fraudsters who perpetrate them. Yet, I have never seen anything as brazen as what wannabe Miami developer Caroline Weiss did with Blue […]

Steroidal Family Feud

Steroidal Family Feud Goes Medieval

Steroidal Family Feud Goes Medieval: Judge Orders Two Retired Sisters To Riker’s Island Where They Were Strip Searched This steroidal family feud is so crazy that this family should be on Jerry Springer. Forget the TV game show Family Feud. These sisters would drive ladies man host Richard Dawson into a insane asylum. This family […]

Flagstar Bancorp

Flagstar Bancorp Q1 Earnings Plummet 64 Percent

Flagstar Bancorp Q1 Earnings Plummet 64%. Management Sheds 20% Of Workforce! Is The Bank Teetering On Insolvency? Flagstar Bancorp CEO says he is optimistic about 2022. CEO Alessandro DiNello made the comments after the bank profits dropped 64%. He added that the drop was due to a ‘transitionary period’ in the first quarter. The Michigan […]

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