Deputy Gets Fired For Mortgage Fraud Committed In 2007

JPMorgan Chase Not Pursuing Charges For Mortgage Fraud Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Call me a cynic or maybe it’s just because I know more about the mortgage industry than most people but something doesn’t add up about the story that appeared the local news in Naples yesterday.  It was about Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy, Michael Kovar […]

Michigan AG Wants More Slammer Time For Tashia Winstanley

Mod Scammer Tashia Winstanley Ripped Off People In 12 Counties Across Michigan Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced Wednesday he wanted bring additional charges against mortgage modification scammer Tashia Winstanley.  Winstanley who ran TLW Solutions bilked $250,000 out of nearly 60 homeowners across Michigan. Winstanley claimed she could get loans modified and […]

banker indictments

Is The Lack Of Banker Indictments Because Of OJ Simpson?

Lack Of Banker Indictments Are Because The Government Is Afraid Of An OJ Simpson Style Trial Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Since I started MFI-Miami, I have heard from thousands of people who are appalled by the fact that no one has been convicted in the financial crisis for mortgage servicing fraud, robo-signing, filing false documents, foreclosure […]

Dan Gilbert Funded Website Puts Housing Discrimination In The Hands Of Home Buyers

Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans Eliminates Those Awkward Moments For Real Estate Agents Who Can’t Talk About The Non-White Family Next Door Sarah Cox, Detroit Curbed Today we were forwarded a press release being distributed by Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans about the Detroit-based startup Picket Report, “a new online research tool that helps homebuyers find their perfect neighborhood.” And how […]

JPMorgan Chase

Hey JPMorgan Chase, If You Keep Calling Me…

Hey JPMorgan Chase, If You Keep Calling Me, NASMBLA IS Going To Love You. Donations Seem Appropriate Given Chase’s History OF Financially Molesting People. An open letter to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. April 3, 2012 Dear Jamie Dimon, I know you’re a busy guy like me, so I will make this letter short and […]

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