Deadbeat Michigan Judge

Deadbeat Michigan Judge Doesn’t Pay Her Water Bill

Deadbeat Michigan Judge Sabrina L. Johnson Owes Over $2500 For Outstanding Water Bills Deadbeat Michigan Judge Sabrina L. Johnson makes nearly $169,000 a year as the chief judge for the 22nd District Court. Yet, she owes $2,500 in delinquent water bills to the City of Inkster. It’s unclear why Johnson is delinquent on her water […]

Americans Are Becoming Forever Renters

American Homeowners Are Becoming Lifetime Renters

Americans Homeowners Are Giving Up Their Mortgages To ‘Rent Forever’ In Larger Homes With Lower Monthly Costs American homeowners are giving up on the struggle to own their own homes in the overheated property market.  The proportion of single-family homes being built for rent has doubled in two years. As a result, real estate corporations […]

Michigan GOP Candidates Scammed Out Of $700,000

Trio Who Scammed Michigan GOP Candidates Out Of $700,000 Are Heading To Trial  A Macomb County judge moved the cases of a trio of campaign circulators to trial. The trio scammed Michigan GOP candidates out of $700,000.  The campaign circulators were hired to collect signatures by 8 candidates to get on the August 2022 Michigan […]

Loan Origination Volume

Loan Origination Volume Plummets To Lowest Level Since 9/11

Lenders And Brokers Panic As Loan Origination Volume Plummets To Lowest Level Since The 9/11 A new report from ATTOM says Loan origination volume plummeted to its lowest level since 9/11/2001. It also says the record declines began in the first quarter of this year. Approximately 1.28 million mortgages were issued nationwide in Q1 2024. […]

actor kevin spacey

Actor Kevin Spacey Set To Lose Baltimore Home To Foreclosure

Actor Kevin Spacey To Lose Baltimore Home To Foreclosure Auction On Thursday!  Actor Kevin Spacey revealed that he’s millions of dollars in debt. He can’t pay his bills. Therefore, he’s moving his belongings into storage ahead of an auction Thursday of his waterfront Baltimore home. Spacey broke down crying discussing his financial problems during an […]

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