Romspen Lawyers Are Finding Themselves In Legal Quagmire As They Get Outwitted And Outsmarted In The Court Room

It appears Romspen lawyers are having a hard time with their lawsuits. Several defendants have dug their heels in and decided to fight Romspen.

In some cases, they have made it harder for Romspen to serve them.

In addition, it also appears most defendants have so far outwitted and outsmarted Romspen’s army of white shoed attorneys.

As a result, these string of losses have driven up the legal bills for the cash strapped Toronto lender.

Three Foreclosure Cases That Have Stymied Romspen Lawyers

 1. Caroline Weiss – Estimated Loss To Romspen Investors = $25-30 million 

MFI-Miami has covered the soap opera of Caroline Weiss for the past 18 months (you can read about it below). This legal drama has been going on since 2016 will probably continue for another 4-5 years with Romspen being the ultimate loser. Namely, because the Florida 3rd DCA just handed Romspen a stinging defeat. Romspen investors might as well kiss their money good-bye on this one. 

Assuming Weiss’s daughter prevails, Romspen will lose the initial $ 21.3 million Romspen threw at Caroline Weiss. They will also have to pay their lawyers. The law firms Romspen has hired in Florida aren’t cheap and don’t appear to be very competent. Therefore, their total legal bill will be conservatively $4 million. If not more.

2. Green Sage – Estimated Loss To Romspen Investors = $54 million

Romspen Lawyers
Romspen still hasn’t been able to track down the 3 stoners they lent money to.

Green Sage was a cannabis business in Oakland, California started by three stoners from Colorado. The company that went belly up because of a bombardment of lawsuits from the City of Oakland, state of California and federal government. In addition to bill collectors. Romspen lent them $54 million in the middle of these lawsuits. 

Romspen attempted to foreclose last year. However, they are unable to find two of three partners. Romspen investors can expect to lose $50 million to $52 million on the Green sage deal. That is assuming Romspen takes possession of the two Oakland warehouses that Green Sage used. If not, investors could be out $54 million.

3. Ali Choudhri – Estimated Loss To Romspen Investors = $21 million

Romspen’ lawyers initially filed a notice on Choudhri’s Jetall Companies May 16, 2023. The complaint alleges instances of default on the 2019 loan and asked for a foreclosure sale for June 6th in Harris County.

However, Choudhri filed an emergency temporary restraining order against the lender on June 5th to block the foreclosure. The restraining order was granted because Choudhri’s companies were not properly served notice of the foreclosure sale. 

Choudhri also accused Romspen of fraud. Within weeks of the spat Romspen withdrew the foreclosure complaint. 

Choudhri Fights Romspen Lawyers To Standstill 

Romspen lawyers
Romspen lawyers get caught with their pants down in the Choundhri foreclosure case

In the heart of Houston’s Inner Loop, a property dispute is unfolding over the former Xerox headquarters at 1001 West Loop South.

Now, a year later, the property remains in legal limbo.

A Choudhri-linked company named 1001 WL LLC alleges Romspen does not hold a claim to the property due to a slew of mistakes made during the underwriting and the initial foreclosure in 2019.

Court records show that the Choudhri owned 1001WL LLC owned the property from 2017 to 2019. However, another Choudri-linked company, Galleria Loop Note Holder, then bought the property via foreclosure sale in 2019.

The property in question was burdened with pre-existing liens from MidFirst Bank totaling some $40.4 million. These liens were the result of the previous owner. The previous owner used the property as collateral for a loan from MidFirst.

Choudhri’s entity agreed to take on those liens when it acquired the property. The lawsuit alleges that the transfer of the property to Galleria Loop Note Holder was flawed due to errors in the deeds.

The lawsuit further contends that the deeds failed to specify the entity responsible for conducting the sale. As a result, all of these oversights invalidate the foreclosure sale.

Choudhri’s core claim, then, is that since the foreclosure sale where he bought the property was not valid, then he never could have executed a deed of trust and assignment of rents to Romspen. That would eliminate any legal claim Romspen has on the property and invalidate its foreclose attempt. Romspen had provided the funds for Galleria Loop Note Holder’s acquisition of the foreclosed property.

Now, the ownership LLC wants the court to confirm who really has a claim on the property’s debts. Until then, the future of the Galleria office and its looming foreclosure remain up in the air.

Check Out These Government Websites If You Feel You Are A Victim Of Investment Fraud By Romspen.

How To File A Complaint In Canada:

Contact The Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) At 1.877.442.4322 For More Information. You Can Also Email Them At

If That Doesn’t Work, Contact Deputy Prime Minister And Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland:

You Can Also Contact Her Office On Parliament Hill At 613.992.5234 Or Her Office At Her Toronto at 416.928.1451.

If All Else Fails, Contact Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre’s Office In Ottawa:


Call His Office At 613.992.2772 (Parliament Hill) or 613.692.3331.

If You Are An American Citizen. Contact These Federal Agencies:

You Can File A Complaint With The Securities And Exchange Commission By Clicking Here.

Also, You Can File A Complaint With The Federal Trade Commission By Clicking Here

In Addition, You Can File A Complaint With FINRA By Clicking Here

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