Justice Department Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Pervert Oklahoma Landlord for Sexually Harassing Tenants

pervert Oklahoma landlordThe Justice Department filed a lawsuit today against a pervert Oklahoma landlord for sexually harassing female tenants. The DOJ alleges Shevis “Don” Petties violated the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Petties has owned, operated or managed residential rental properties in Oklahoma City, Forest Park, and Moore, Oklahoma, since at least 2016.

DOJ Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke told the media:

“These women lived in fear every day that their landlord would enter their bedroom unannounced, film them in the bathroom, make lewd comments about their bodies and appearance and grope them.”

The lawsuit alleges that Petties subjected female tenants to unwelcome sexual contact and comments about their physical appearances. The DOJ also alleges he physically assaulted tenants and entered tenants’ bedrooms without consent.

In addition, Petties photographed and filmed female tenants in their bathrooms without their knowledge. He also demanded that female tenants engage in sexual acts with him.

The lawsuit also names the current owners of the rental properties. The DOJ also named TMH Group Inc, The Monarch House LLC, also known as Monarch House LLC, and Exceptional Service Company LLC as defendants.

The lawsuit seeks money damages to compensate women harmed by the alleged harassment. The government is also seeking a fine for the United States and a court order prohibiting future acts of discrimination and harassment.

The FHA prohibits discrimination in any form. It also prohibits sexual harassment, a form of sex discrimination.

Individuals who believe that they may have been victims of sexual harassment at rental properties owned or operated by Petties may contact the DOJ by calling its Sexual Harassment in Housing Initiative at 1-844-380-6178. Oklahoma victims can also call 405-553-8700.

View the complaint here.

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