Police Arrest Moms for Liberty School Board Member Keri Blair For Shoplifting From Tennessee Target

moms for libertyA Tennessee Moms for Liberty school board member resigned last week. Police arrested Keri Blair for stealing hundreds of dollars of merchandise from Target.

Police charged Blair with the theft of property under $1,000. They booked into jail last Friday.

Local prosecutors accuse her of shoplifting $728.61 worth of merchandise from the town’s Target. They claim the thefts happened between November 25th and December 20th.

Local media reports also say Target is proceeding with prosecuting her.

She allegedly stole the goods by not scanning items at the self-checkout. This mean she would slide an item over the scanner without beeping it, 

Records also indicate that she arrived in a gray Infiniti SUV each time she came to the store. She also used the same debit card each time she stole the items.

Authorities say Target has video footage of Blair allegedly stealing the items.

Reports say the value of the goods stolen on each occasion range from $63.38-$140.49.

As a result, Target and law enforcement began the theft investigation into Blair began on December 27th. 

Moms for Liberty School Board Member Keri Blair Resigns

On Wednesday, Collierville Schools announced that Blair had resigned her post citing ‘personal, family reasons.’

School Board Chairman Wright Cox received Blair’s resignation on Tuesday.

Blair was first elected to her school board seat 13 months ago. The local Moms for Liberty chapter backed her candidacy. 

However, the Shelby County Chapter of Moms For Liberty now disputes claims Blair received backing from the group.

A spokesperson told the media:

“The Shelby County Chapter of Moms for Liberty did not endorse Keri Blair or any candidates there in 2022. Blair was also never supported financially by the chapter or the larger organization.”

Target has reportedly implements a system wherein store authorities allow thefts to occur unchallenged for weeks and sometimes months to deal with repeat shoplifting offenders.

Instead of filing reports, Target documents the thieves until the dollar amount of merchandise they’ve taken meets local thresholds for substantial criminal charges.

Prosecutors are charging Blair with seven counts of property theft and is currently free on a $7,500 bond.

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