“Hey, mother-(expletive), you (expletive) a Chinese spy. You mother-(expletive). I’m gonna come after you and kill you, (expletive),” 

DOJ officials did not release the name of the Congressman involved in this incident. However, it is Representative Eric Swalwell

Shapiro is referencing a suspected Chinese spy named Christine Fang. Fang was involved with the congressional campaign of Swalwell in 2012. Swalwell ran for congress for first time in 2012.

According to Forbes, the spy who also went by “Fang Fang” worked as a fundraiser for Swalwell. Fang left the country in 2015 during an investigation into her activities by U.S. intelligence officials.

Media reports Swalwell reportedly cut ties with Fang after being alerted to the investigation by the FBI. A House ethics committee probe was unable to find evidence of wrongdoing in Swalwell’s campaign.

The complaint also leaves out Congressman Swalwell’s name.

Shapiro also pleaded guilty in federal court in 2019 for making threatening communications to another victim.

Investigators were also able to link Shapiro to the calls made in December based on the calls made in those other cases.

Prosecutors have also charged Shapiro faces of transmitting communications containing threats to injure another person.

According to the DOJ, he made his first appearance last week morning before U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart for the Southern District of Florida.

The court found Shapiro to be indigent. As a result, the court assigned him a public defender. 

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