Alcoholic And Coke Addict Judge Bradley Knoll Has Been Arrested For Domestic Assault. Was He Impaired While Presiding Over Cases?

coke addict judgeAlcoholic and coke addict Judge Bradley Knoll is at the center of a new political and judicial scandal in West Michigan.

Political scandals in Holland, Michigan don’t happen very often. But when they do, they are of soap opera proportions. The last political scandal here was 7 years ago. In 2015, investigative journalist from the Detroit News exposed  a sex scandal between former Ottawa County State Representative Cindy Gamrat and another lawmaker. 

Now, alcoholic and coke addict Judge Bradley Knoll may be facing removal from the bench. He may also lose his cushy pension funded by Ottawa County and Michigan taxpayers. 

Mugshot of Coke Addict Judge Bradley Knoll
Mugshot of Coke Addict Judge Bradley Knoll

Court records show the Grand Haven Public Safety arrested 58th District Court Chief Judge Bradley Knoll on December 13, 2023. Police charged him with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence for assaulting his wife. However, it appears Knoll may have used his position as a judge to influence prosecutors to give him reduced charges.

Authorities did not say if Knoll was intoxicated or was high on cocaine when he was busted slapping his wife around. 

It’s an open secret in Ottawa County that Knoll has a long history of cocaine and alcohol abuse. In addition, he also has a reputation of being the “Sower of Ottawa.”

Local women say Knoll likes to cheat on his wife. He also likes to entice local women with cocaine and top shelf booze. Then ask them if they would like to “bang his gavel.”

Michigan law says Knoll could be facing a punishment of up to 93 days in jail and/or a fine up to $500. 

A Muskegon County Judge Geoffrey Nolan  released Knoll from jail on a personal recognizance bond. Knoll has an arraignment hearing on January 9, 2024.

The arrest of Knoll and his addiction issues open up serious ethics issues for the court. Namely, was he high or drunk when he was presiding over cases?

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  • Laurie Gordon 13:35:31 pm December 24, 2023

    Talk about abusing your power. Brad Knoll is nothing but a criminal drug addict. All the cops, lawyers and judges where aware but instead of doing they’re job they would rather arrest the poor people for the same thing they are doing or they’re colleagues are doing. I hope his wife is ok. Brad Knoll is 72 years old and a drug addict surely this isn’t his first time beating his wife.

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