Mr. Cooper Was Forced Into Lockdown By Halloween Cyberattack. Hackers May Have Compromised Customer Files

Mr. Cooper Was ForcedA cyber attack has forced Texas-based lender and servicer Mr. Cooper into lockdown last week. The company says the cybersecurity incident happened on Halloween. As a result, the company was forced to lock down certain technology systems.

Mr. Cooper also issued a statement saying:

On October 31st, Mr. Cooper became the target of a cyber security incident and took immediate steps to lock down our systems in order to keep your data safe. Our systems remain locked down and we are working on a resolution as quickly as possible.

Mr. Cooper’s 8-K filing with the SEC states that the company did experience a cybersecurity incident. The incident involved an “unauthorized third party gained access to certain technology systems.”

The company also stated that it does not believe this incident will have any adverse effect on its business or operations.

The company has launched an investigation. They want to determine if any data was compromised. They also plan on notifying impacted customers. Additionally, they also want to provide customers with free identity protection services.

Mr. Cooper stated that the company’s systems are all still down. As a result, the company isn’t able to process customers’ payments. However, customers will not hit with any fees and penalties. Additionally, Mr. Cooper also said that they are not reporting any late payments or negative credit reporting to credit reporting agencies while the system is down. 

The company didn’t respond to requests to comment on the ongoing investigation. They also did not say when its systems will fully operational. The company’s website still displayed a message on Nov. 3 from the day before that its systems remain locked down.

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