Substance Abuse Among Florida Lawyers Is At An All Time High! Has Your Attorney’s Integrity Been Compromised By Addiction?

Substance Abuse Among Florida LawyersSubstance abuse among Florida lawyers is on the rise.

So, you need to ask yourself one big question. Is my lawyer high or drunk? There is a good possibility they are. Let’s be realistic. The legal profession is not like what they show on TV.

Law school is expensive. The overcrowded legal profession is filled with lawyers willing to do anything for a few bucks just to pay bills.

After all, it’s hard and tedious work operating a law firm. You constantly have to hustle. On top of that, most lawyers didn’t come from wealthy families. As such, they also have to worry about paying back their student loans from law school.

All of this creates an enormous amount of day to day stress.

As a result, this puts Florida lawyers at risk for abusing of both legal and illegal substances.

The number of attorneys who resort to drugs and alcohol is growing at a shocking rate in Florida.

Substance abuse in lawyers is becoming a serious problem in Florida especially in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Two of Florida’s most hedonistic playgrounds.

So let’s look at some statistics about why so many of them get to that point in the first place.

Depression Statistics Show Why Substance Abuse Among Florida Lawyers Is So High

Substance Abuse Among Florida Lawyers Approximately 16 million American adults suffer from some type of depression. Attorneys are no different. This equals about 6.7% of the U.S. population.

About half of those diagnosed with depression also struggle with some form of substance abuse. These numbers are significant. However, the stats for lawyers are shocking.

More than 45% of attorneys experience depression during their career. Of those individuals, nearly 12% of them reported having suicidal thoughts at least once. 

Alcohol Addiction Statistics

Substance Abuse Among Florida LawyersThe ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs recently conducted a survey with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

The study indicated that 21% of lawyers are problem drinkers.

The number jumped to over 36% of attorneys struggling with alcohol abuse when more specific questions were asked.

Nearly half of the lawyers in the study stated that the drinking issues began during their time in law school.

Prescription & Illicit Drug Statistics

Substance Abuse Among Florida LawyersThere has also been an increase among lawyers surrounding drug abuse in Florida. This is due to the easy access to drugs in Florida. 

However, this issue isn’t as common as alcohol addiction. The study shows only 9% of attorneys have been found to suffering from drug abuse.

The main reasons lawyers abuse drugs is to try to awake all night long to complete their work. They also use drugs to sleep at night as a means of stress relief.

The biggest problems arise as attorneys mix alcohol with prescriptions. This leads to additional risks of dependence and even overdose.

Statistics about illicit drug use are much less reliable. This is mainly due to the simple fact that these substances are illegal. Most people, including lawyers, aren’t willing to admit it. However, it is known that a large number of lawyers still resort to hard drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Treatment for Substance Abuse in Lawyers

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction issues that has resulted from depression or anxiety, there are numerous treatment options available. Treatment centers can be found all over the country with specialized assistance for substance abuse in attorneys.

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