Elderly New York Woman Loses Her $350,000 Home After Her Neighbor’s Daughter Forged The Deed To Become Legal Owner Of The Property

Elderly New York WomanAuthorities have accused Aurelia Soogea of stealing the home of an elderly New York woman. Police arrested Soogea on charges of forging a deed to Rosemary Myka’s home.

However, Soogea insists woman gave her the house as a thanks for caring for her.

Soogea appeared in court in Nassau County on Friday and pleaded not guilty.

The Nassau DA accuses Soogea of paying $10 to transfer the deed of her mother’s neighbor’s $350,000 home to her name. 

Authorities say the victim is 78-year-old Rosemarie Mika. Mika claims the Nassau Clerk sent her a letter informing her of the deed transfer.

Mika then called the police.

Soogea’s lawyer, Lawrence Carra, told NBC New York that Mika gave Soogea the house as a gift:

We are vehemently contesting it. We’ve entered a plea of not guilty. She provided services and she stayed there from time to time as a caring loving aide.

Carra also said there is conflicting evidence that will shows Soogea did not forge the deed.

Soogea states she has recorded conversations between her and Mika confirming the deed transfer of the home.

Attorneys also provided stickers from the county building by Mika and Soogea on the day the deed was signed over. Soogea argues that Mika was there and willingly handed over the property.

Mika’s attorney also said Soogea’s documentation and audio records are fabricated.

Soogea is next due in court on Thursday.

Elderly New York Woman Isn’t Alone. Deed Forgery Is Common Across The USA

In May 2022, a North Carolina authorities allege Isaiah Robert Louise Baskins Jr. stole six properties throughout North Carolina.

Baskins Jr., of Georgia, was accused of carrying out his forgeries between December 2018 and September 2019. He used the names and addresses of six people and the social security card of another person to forge deeds. 

He allegedly presented the forged documents to the register of deeds to transfer their real property to him. 

The case continues.

In December, a California authorities arrested Shaneika Seymore for also allegedly forging false quit claim deeds. She intended to sell properties across Memphis that she did not own. 

That same month, the New York AG Letitia James also announced the indictment of five purported members of a deed theft ring. She accused them of stealing three homes from elderly homeowners in Queens.

The indictment also alleges the defendants impersonated the homeowners by using forged driver’s licenses and Social Security cards. They then closed on the properties with forged documents.

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