Miami Real Estate Influencer Daniela Rendon Arrested On Federal Fraud Charges For Misusing $381,000 In COVID-19 Relief Funds

miami real estate influencerFederal authorities have arrested Miami real estate influencer and broker Daniela Rendon. They have accused Rendon of allegedly using COVID-19 relief funds to fund a lavish lifestyle. Rendon’s lavish lifestyle consisted of private jets and luxury yachts. In addition, they allege she also spent the money on fast cars and fancy clothes. 

The 31 year-old didn’t shy away from the amount of money she accumulated. She regularly flaunted herself living a lavish lifestyle on her social media accounts and her 33,000 followers.

The US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida alleges Rendon received $381,000 through SBA and PPP loans.

the government gave these funds to business to help their businesses during the pandemic. Instead, Rendon allegedly splashed the cash on herself and her close friends and family. 

Federal prosecutors allege she used the money to lease a $181,000 2021 Bentley Bentayga. Like an idiot, she showed off on her Instagram account.

Prosecutors also say she used the money to rent a luxury apartment in Biscayne Bay. They say she also used the funds to undergo cosmetic procedures.

The feds have charged Rendon with seven counts of wire fraud and two counts of money laundering. In addition, they have charged her with one count of aggravated identity theft.  As a result she faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. 

Federal Judge Makes Miami Real Estate Influencer Put Up $150,000 Bond

miami real estate influencerA judge set her bond at $150,000 after prosecutors deemed her to be a flight risk and likely to head back to her native Colombia in order to evade justice.

The Feds also accuse Rendon of falsifying business data to secure the PPP funds.

She is alleged to have fabricated information including revenue and payroll, They say she also fabricated business costs and tax information. In addition, they say she also fabricated her employee count.

The falsified data was submitted to lenders in New Jersey and Idaho. Lenders then deposited the funds directly to her corporate bank account. She then allegedly transferred the payments to herself and her inner circle of friends according to the Miami Herald.

Rendon refers to herself as an ‘Ultra Luxury’ real estate agent on LinkedIn,

She allegedly arranged for a payroll processor in New Jersey to process the loans. Afterwards, she wrote checks to family and friends.

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