Lakeview Loan Servicing Is Ramping Up New York Foreclosures! Are You Prepared? Call 888.737.6344 Before It’s Too Late!

Lakeview Loan Servicing is ramping up New York foreclosures. This is bad news for New York homeowners because Lakeview Loan is hellbent on seizing homes! 

Therefore, MFI-Miami has teamed up with several New York law firm to create a New York foreclosure defense team specializing in Lakeview Loan Servicing foreclosures.

The team’s focus will solely be on helping New York homeowners develop strategies to fight Lakeview Loan Servicing foreclosure!

MFI-Miami and our lawyers are the only foreclosure defense experts with the strength to successfully challenge most mortgages. 

Other foreclosure defense teams show off one or two victories. However, they can’t beat our track record. How do we know this? We have the 14-year track record to prove it!

Lakeview Loan Servicing Is Ramping Up Foreclosure But MFI-Miami Is There To Stop Them

Lakeview Loan ServicingMFI-Miami’s New York foreclosure defense team is Lakeview’s worst nightmare. We have teamed up with several dynamite lawyers in the New York metropolitan area to fight Lakeview Loan Servicing.

Why? Our team has successfully challenged some of their most arrogant foreclosure mill lawyers in New York.

MFI-Miami and our law firm partners have both developed a reputation for staring down lenders. Our lawyers have even humiliated banking lawyers and made their executives sob like babies during depositions.

MFI-Miami and our lawyers have also helped defending homeowners of African and Caribbean descent from being discriminated against. In addition, he has helped keep 9/11 survivors and military combat veterans in their homes.

Furthermore, MFI-Miami also has access to some of the top forensic accountants and former FBI agents available.

MFI-Miami can also call on mortgage compliance experts. 

As a result, this gives MFI-Miami unparalleled strength to challenge any mortgage foreclosure.

We bring the most aggressive foreclosure defense strategies to you! MFI-Miami and our law firms like to fight Lakeview Loan Servicing! We have spent over 25 years in the world of lending and knows the Achille’s heel of all the major lenders.

MFI-Miami and their team of attorneys have helped hundreds of New Yorkers successfully fight their foreclosures and stay in their homes.

MFI-Miami also works with some of the best litigators across the U.S.

Call us to learn more today at 888.737.6344. You can also check us out on Facebook

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