A Federal Judge Has Sentenced A Delray Beach Woman To 30 Months In Federal Prison For Her Involvement In An International Boiler Room Scam

Delray Beach Woman
Convicted Scammer Tracy Lee Jedlicki Off To Do 2 1/2 Years Of Hard Time

U.S. District Judge Kathryn K. Mizelle  sentenced a Delray Beach woman to 30 months in federal prison. Tracy Lee Jedlicki was found guilty of conspiracy to commit international wire fraud. Jedlicki had pleaded guilty on February 24, 2022.

Convicted Delray Beach Woman Feels The Cold Hard Gavel Of Justice

The Court also ordered Jedlicki to forfeit $750,000 and a 4.01 carat diamond ring. The court ordered her to also hand over a 11-carat diamond necklace. In addition to her South Florida residence worth more than $2 million.

The Court is also making Jedlicki pay $3,244,592 in restitution to the victims.

Tracy Lee Jedlicki Helped Scam Hundreds Of People Around The World

Jedlicki admitted that she and her coconspirators operated international boiler rooms in Panama and elsewhere.  The boiler rooms used high-pressure sales techniques to defraud individuals. Jedlicki and her cohorts misled investors into believing they were investing money in commodities and stocks options.

The majority of the victims were located in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Jedlicki and her cohorts then laundered fraud proceeds through several money laundering rings. The first being to overseas accounts. The launderers received a percentage of the funds they had moved.

Jedlicki’s duties included arranging travel for boiler room workers to the boiler room locations. She also called victims while posing as an employee of a fake investment firm. As part of the call, she would set up loading calls for the people operating the boiler rooms. thus, serving as a liaison between the boiler rooms and a money laundering organization. 

She also maintained records of wire transfer payments to foreign and domestic bank accounts. In addition, she also reconciled payments between the boiler rooms and the money laundering organization.

Jedlicki herself received a 2% referral fee. As a result, she used the funds for her own personal enrichment.  Jedlicki and her cohorts wired or caused to be wired over $3,244,592 from victims to money laundering accounts.

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