Delray Beach Residents Accuse Ryan Boylston And His Supporters Of Using Cryptic Nazi Rhetoric In Attempt To Derail Project

Delray Beach Residents
Mayor Shelly Petrolia

Jewish Delray Beach residents are very concerned. For good measure, they should be. It appears the disgusting head of anti-Semitism has again reared it ugly head in Delray Beach. Worst of all, it’s spreading like a wildfire. An ambitious city commissioner is joining their ranks in the hopes of becoming mayor in 2024.

Mayor Shelly Petrolia has embraced these crazies for years. Now it appears so has self-absorbed Commissioner Ryan Boylston. What do these Jew bashing crazies want? They are hellbent on stopping the upscale restaurant/bar Bounce from opening in Delray Beach. Bounce resaurant is owned by group of Jewish guys from New York.

Petrolia’s involvement with these psycho Jew bashers is not surprising. After all, she is a known anti-Semite

Petrolia has also used phrases that sound like they were ripped from Hitler’s Mein Kampf. She use phrases like “preserving our way of life.” She also likes to refer to local Jewish developers and residents as “scourges on our community.

Petrolia also tried to claim Delray Beach Commissioner Adam Frankel was part of some mass Jewish conspiracy:

You know how all those fucking greedy Jews stick together! They’re all working together to take over Delray Beach.

Is Ryan Boylston Pulling A Trump By Courting Crazy Bigots So He Can Be Mayor In 2024?

Delray Beach Residents
Delray Beach Commissioner Ryan Boylston sporting his new Proud Boys hair style.

Boylston wants to be Mayor in 2024. Thus, he sees these lunatics as a bloc of voters who can push him over the finishing line. After all, courting the crazy vote help push Petrolia across the finish line by 145 votes last year in her re-election bid. 

He also doesn’t really care if these people hate Jews, people of color or even Asians. As long as it gets what he wants and that is being mayor.

If Boylston was being his typical Eddie Haskell self and pandering for their votes, that would be one thing. That’s politics. However, that’s not what he is doing. He is allegedly contributing to the cryptic Nazi rhetoric and hysteria by feeding these crazies misinformation and enouraging them to build anonymous websites.

But then again, what do you expect from Ryan Boylston? He and his wife promote what appears to be the old-school Florida cracker attitude with their “True Floridian” brand apparel business. 

Ironically, Boylston was all in favor of the upscale Bounce restaurant/bar before he opposed it. 

Bounce owners agreed to close the outside patio at 11pm in order to keep noise levels down. However, like the Blue Anchor and the Hurricane Bar, Bounce wants to stay open until 2am for international sporting events. Boylston was agreeable to this. 

Then, almost overnight, Boylston’s rhetoric changed and he flipped his position with no explanation. He allegedly began telling residents that he and his supporters, “don’t want this type of business in OUR town!” 

He also allegedly began complaining about, “New Yorkers” and is accused of using the same Mein Kampf-style rhetoric as Petrolia and her wackadoodle supporters.

Jewish Delray Beach Residents Say “New Yorkers” Is Cryptic Nazi Rhetoric For Jews

Most Floridians say they don’t want New Yorkers moving here. Usually it’s because we don’t like their wacky New York City politics. However, most people in Delray Beach are wacky elitist Liberal Democrats from New York and New England. 

So who are they referring to?

As any fan of the West Wing will tell you, they’re referring to Jews. Yes, Non-Jewish White Democrats are just as bigoted and racist as Non-Jewish White Republicans when it comes to people who are different from themselves.

Anti-Semitism Is Nothing New To Delray Beach

Delray Beach Residents
Delray Beach’s past of discrimination against Jews and Blacks needs to be kept in the ash heap of history. So why is Ryan Boylston and Shelly Petrolia trying to ressurrect it?

In October 1951, the ADL newspaper, The Sentinel published an article about anti-Semitism in Delray Beach entitled, “Hitler’s Dream Realized: Juden Sind Hier Unerwuenscht [ Jews Are Unwanted Here ] In Delray Beach , USA”

For years after, Delray Beach had deed restrictions limiting where Jews and Blacks could live or own businesses. 

Since Shelly Petrolia became Mayor in 2018, anti-Semitism has been on the rise in Delray Beach. Additionally, Petrolia has a history of using the city code enforcement officers to harass businesses owned by Jews.

Last year, she used code enforcement to go after Taylor Levy. Levy who is Jewish owns Pour & Famous in downtown Delray Beach. Delray Beach City Code Enforcement fined the small 1,000 square foot restaurant $10,000 for allegedly violating the city’s contradicting Covid-19 code restrictions.  

The City of Delray Beach was sued by John and Sally DeLeonibus. The couple allege the city under Petrolia’s direction axed their plans for a rooftop terrace on their duplex.

Why? Petrolia disliked their attorney Bonnie Miskel of Boca Raton because Miskel is Jewish. 

In addition, Petrolia has also harassed Doc’s All American owner Steve Michael who is Jewish. 

She also attacked her mayoral opponent last year, Tracy Caruso. Petrolia made bogus claims Caruso who is Jewish is a Holocaust denier. 

Shelly Petrolia has also harassed Delray Beach community booster and former Chair of the Arts Garage Chuck Halberg for years. Halberg is also Jewish.

If you have ever heard Mayor Shelly Petrolia or Commissioner Ryan Boylston say anything anti-Semitic or been the victim of anti-Semitism by Shelly Petrolia or Ryan Boylston, call the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith at 561.988.2900 or fill out a complaint on their website here.

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  • toni valenti 13:25:52 pm February 1, 2022

    I live in Delray. This article is crazy. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t know who wrote it but whoever it is, this author is more angry and racist than the people they are writing about. Stop with this crazy representation of a great town that you obviously know NOTHING about.

  • Stephen Dibert 13:25:52 pm February 1, 2022

    I think it’s funny that non-Jews in Delray Beach are the only ones claiming there is no anti-Semitism in Delray Beach when it has been here the for the past 80 years. the ADL newspaper mentioned it in the 1951 article titled, “Hitler’s Dream Realized: Juden Sind Hier Unerwuenscht [ Jews Are Unwanted Here ] In Delray Beach , USA” (link is in the article).

    You don’t have to be wearing a swatistka armband or goosestepping down Atlantic Ave in a Hugo Boss designed SS uniform to be anti-Semetic.

  • Stephen Dibert 13:25:52 pm February 1, 2022

    How is someone calling out a someone for being associated with anti-Semites, racists? BTW – I probably know mmore about Delray Beach and it’s history than you do

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