Crybaby Ryan Boylston Foolishly Threatens To Break Florida Law To Silence MFI-Miami 

crybaby ryan boylston
Is Delray Beach Commissioner Ryan Ryan Boylston just another crybaby politician with a frail ego?

Most public figures or politicians just shrug off critics and the negative things people write about them. After all, to be in the public eye in the internet age takes some serious tough skin and brass cojones.

Unfortunately, it appears crybaby Ryan Boylston never got the memo before he entered the Thunderdome of politics.

Commissioner Boylston had a temper tantrum last week because MFI-Miami called him out for his Trump-style coalition building with crazy people.

Boylston is getting an early start on 2024 by building coalitions with groups of people. He also doesn’t really care if these people hate Jews, people of color or even Asians. As long as it gets what he wants and that is being mayor.

In the article, we called Boylston out for attempting to court the crazy Jew bashing WASPs of Delray Beach. Why would he court these crazies? Boylston wants to be mayor of Delray Beach in 2024 and he doesn’t care where the votes comes from.

Thus, he sees these lunatics as a bloc of voters who can push him over the finishing line. After all, courting the crazy vote help push Petrolia across the finish line by 145 votes last year in her re-election bid. 

Boylston was also upset because we poked fun at his “Proud Boys” hair style. Something Mayor Petrolia did during last year’s contentious city election.

In February 2021, Boylston posted a picture of himself at Oktoberfest. In the picture, Boylston is wearing lederhosen with his head shaved extremely short like a member of Proud Boys.  Petrolia shared the post and poked fun at his “Proud Boys” haircut.

Hack Lawyer Assists Crybaby Ryan Boylston With His Temper Tantrum

Crybaby Ryan Boylston

To say Ryan Boylston was not happy with the MFI-Miami article would be understatement.

He retained a lawyer named Justin Bennett to send me an over the top nastygram. The letter was filled with fake moral outrage and a diarrhea of ludicrously exaggerated accusations. 

All I can say is Bennett didn’t do Boylston any favors. The letter makes Boylston look a spineless snowflake having a temper tantrum.

Bennett made all kind of wild accusations in his letter (you that you can read below). He also made threats that would create serious legal problems for Boylston and the City of Delray Beach. 

Bennett also demanded I take the article down. Bennett also claimed I could be facing legal consequences from Boylston and his wife if I didn’t take it down and/or print a retraction.

However, they have a problem. Cassidee Boylston’s name does not appear anywhere in the article. Her name also doesn’t appear in True Floridian’s corporate filings. All that will be in next week’s Ryan Boylston article.

In my response (you can read below), I told these two idiots to basically put up or shut the fuck up. I also stated that it would be a losing proposition for Boylston to fight me. The lawsuit would get nasty and would ruin any chances of him getting elected Mayor of Delray Beach in 2024. 

Contrary to what Boylston thinks he can do, the article is staying up. In other words, Ryan Boylson can whine, complain, pound his chest and threaten all he wants but the article is staying up.

Ryan Boylston is a public figure and elected official. Therefore, he has a very steep hill to climb to prevail in this type of case. Bennett’s asinine letter shows the two of them have no experience in these types of cases. 

Crybaby Ryan Boylston Threatens To File An Illegal SLAPP Lawuit

Crybaby Ryan BoylstonBasically, Bennett and Boylston are threatening to file a SLAPP lawsuit. SLAPP lawsuits are illegal in Florida. 

SLAPP stands for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.” As I stated above they are illegal in Florida under Florida Statute 768.295.

They are illegal to prevent Boylston from doing what he’s threatening to do. 

The plaintiff in a typical SLAPP suit does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff just wants to bury the defendant in legal fees in order to intimidate them to be quiet. This is exactly what Boylston is threatening to do.

Boylston is also idiotically exposing himself and the City of Delray Beach to serious legal liabilities. Yes, the City of Delray Beach could be faced with another embarrassing lawsuit.

Both Bennett and Boylston should know this. At minimum, Bennett should know better than to threaten me with a lawsuit like this. If they follow through with their threat, Boylston could be forced to pull a Richard Nixon and resign from office in disgrace. Bennett won’t be as lucky. He could end up in the cross hairs of the Florida Bar. 

I would more than likely prevail in such a lawsuit brought by Boylston. Consequently, Boylston, Bennett and possibly the City of Delray Beach would then be paying me damages. 

Crazy After-Hours Emails From Lawyers Usually Means They’ve Swigged Too Much Dutch Courage

Justin BennettI received the two-page diatribe from Bennett via email at 9pm on Tuesday night.

Plus, he sent it to every address he could find for me and to corporate entities that are no longer active. 

When a lawyer sends me threatening rabbling emails and sends the nastygrams to random and outdated addresses, it usually means they took one too many swigs of Dutch Courage at dinner. In some cases, they also suffer from serious mental issues. 

Hopefully, the outrage expressed in letter was fake. If not, Justin Bennett needs to take advantage of the Florida Bar’s mental health or substance abuse programs.

It is also painfully obvious Bennett didn’t read the article before he wrote his 2-page diatribe.

Where Boylston found Bennet or how Boylston knows Bennett no one seems to know.

However, Bennett didn’t do Boylston any favors by writing the letter. Honestly, it makes Boylston look unfit for public office. 

So, Who Is Justin Bennett?

Justin Bennett
Ryan Boylston’s “tough guy” lawyer works out of a UPS store in Boca Raton.

After doing some basic research, I discovered Bennett isreal estate lawyer who operates his “boutique” law practice and title company out of a UPS store. You can check it out it’s next to Publix in a strip mall at Powerline and West Palmetto Park in Boca Raton. 

This is more laughable than Jimmy McGill operating his law practice out of a utility room at a Vietnamese nail salon in the TV show, “Better Call Saul.

Bennett also graduated from a lower tier Florida law school, the St. Thomas School of Law. 

I also did a quick perusal of the court websites in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. I even checked the federal court website PACER.

As it turns out, Bennett has little or no experience as a trial lawyer and his asinine threatening letter reflects this.

Feel Free To Read Bennett’s Ridiculous Letter And My Response Below:

Crybaby Ryan Boylston Legal Threat Response by stephen6dibert on Scribd

Crybaby Ryan Boylston Threatens MFI-Miami With Illegal SLAPP Lawsuit by stephen6dibert on Scribd



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