Bernie Madoff’s Sister And Her Husband Die In Murder-Suicide After Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme Left Them In Financial Ruin

Bernie Madoff's sisterBernie Madoff’s sister and her husband were found dead in Palm Beach County, Florida. The family says they were victims of her notorious fraudster brother. Bernie Madoff scammed them out of nearly $3 million. 

Sondra Wiener was 87 years-old and her husband Marvin was 90 years-old. 

A source told the New York Post in 2009:

She lost millions in this whole thing.

Sondra Weiner’s son David also stated:

My family’s a victim. More so than anybody else. It’s very painful.

Bernie Madoff’s scam also forced the couple to sell their 3,400-square-foot Palm Beach Gardens home for $575,000 in 2009. They also took a $75,000 loss on the home. they paid $650,900 for it in 2003. They later moved to Boynton Beach.

As a result, the couple then downsized to a home in a Valencia Lakes community. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputies recovered their remains from the home.

Neighbors described Madoff’s sister as an avid swimmer and said the couple kept a low profile. 

The Valencia Lakes HOA Spread The Word Thoughout The Gated Community within Minutes

Police recovered the couple’s bodies Thursday in their home on Barca Boulevard. The Valencia Lakes HOA Board confirmed the Weiners’ deaths. HOA leadership emailed residents the horrific details about the Weiners’ deaths:

Let me start off by stating that as many of you have heard, we had a tragic situation on Barca Boulevard regarding the passing of Sondra and Marvin Wiener. Our thoughts and condolences go out to their family. There is currently an investigation pending. All I can say is at this time there is no security or safety threat to anyone in the community.

Wiener was Madoff’s only sister. Cops did not comment on the circumstances of their deaths. They also did not comment about who may have killed the other.

However, the PBSO say the family had invoked Marsy’s Law for the male for Marvin Weiner. Marsy’s Law provides protections for crime victims.

The couple’s deaths also comes a little less than a year after Madoff died in prison in April. 

Bernie Madoff’s Sister And Her Husband Were One Of The Many Victims Of Her Brother

Madoff was a fixture on Wall Street before his fall in 2008. The FBI arrested Madoff who later pleaded guilty to operating the decades-long Ponzi scheme. The scheme swindled thousands out of their life savings.

Madoff started his scheme in the early 70s. The FBI arrested Madoff in December 2008. They found the financier had already defrauded roughly 37,000 people in 136 countries out of $65 billion.  

Madoff died in federal lockup in North Carolina in April. He was serving a 150-year prison sentence.

The Weiners’ deaths are also the latest in a series of tragedies surrounding the Madoff family. 

Madoff’s son Mark hanged himself inside his New York City apartment in 2010, at the age of 46.

His other son, Andrew, died of cancer in 2014 at age 48.

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