Armed Bank Robber Holds Up A Wells Fargo Branch For $150. Then Goes Outside To Deposit The Money In His Account

armed bank robberPolice in Delaware have arrested an armed bank robber who held up a Wilmington Wells Fargo branch for $150. They say McRoberts Williams then immediately deposited the stolen cash in his own bank account at the outside ATM. 

The police interrogation reports say Williams claims he traveled to Delaware “by riding on the exterior of a cargo train.”

He also told police that, “his mind is currently being controlled by a third party via an implant located somewhere in his body.”

Police affivadits say Williams approached a 25-year-old female bank teller and handed her a note that read:

This is a robbery. I need $150.

The teller told police Williams said ‘I’m sorry’ before she read the note again and handed over the money.

He then he fled the bank on foot as she activated the emergency distress button.

Police say Williams did not go far. Williams deposited the money in his account at an ATM outside the building. 

He made a quick pit stop before he continued to flee. He then hid behind a nearby shopping center before local troopers found him.

After his pit stop he continued to flee, hiding behind a nearby shopping center before local troopers found him. 

Police did not recover any money, but Williams was in possession of a Wells Fargo bank card.  

Prosecutors have charged Williams with second-degree robbery. Williams is currently being held in jail. 

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