Another Detroit Land Bank Authority Property Used For Drug Trafficking. Are Detroit Land Bank Leaders AWOL?

Detroit Land Bank AuthorityAnother Detroit Land Bank Authority property is being used to crack and heroin.

The property is located at 13638 Hasse on Detroit’s eastside side. 13638 Hasse is located 500 feet north of Davison and is between Davison and McNichols just west of where the two streets intersect. 

The property is also conveniently located a half mile east of where Davison becomes an expressway. This gives drug addicts across Detroit quick and easy access to feed their habit. 

The property is occupied by a squatter and convicted felon named “Jeff.”

Jeff is like every other drug dealer in the area. He sells everything from Boys (Heroin), Girls (Crack), Blues (Oxycodone) and everything in between out of 13638 Hasse.

Unfortunately, Jeff has one flaw in his business plan. It’s his location. Dealers in the area of Detroit have oversaturated the drug market. In other words, it will be hard for him to compete and make any money in an overcrowded market.

He’ll even let you get high and crash inside the house for a “small price” if you’re a woman. Jeff is seems to have a thing for pregnant white female addicts with blonde hair.

Fortunately, Jeff does not do the one thing that his competitors do. He does not pimp out the woman who can’t pay for their drugs. However, word on the street is he will trade sex for drugs.

He is also a little bit more low key than most of his competitors in the area

Where Is Detroit Land Bank Authority Leadership?

“You’re going to find out, if you stick around, that a lot of the people holding political power are some bizarre incompetent sons of bitches” -Detroit Political Consultant Adolph Mongo as quoted in Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff

Detroit Land Bank Authority13638 Hasse has been owned by the city in one form or another since 2011. The owner at the time lost it in a tax foreclosure in 2011 to the Wayne County Treasurer.

Wayne County then transferred ownership to the City of Detroit.

The city transferred the property to the Detroit Land Bank Authority in 2014 as part of it’s 2013 bankruptcy restructuring. 

Since 2014, the Detroit Land Bank Authority has become the City of Detroit’s biggest property owner. The Land Bank currently owns over 100,000 neglected and abandoned blighted eyesores. 

These abandoned homes have also become havens for drug and sex trafficking. The Land Bank Authority is aware of it. The Detroit Police and Mayor Mike Duggan’s office are both aware of it. Yet, the city allows this pandemic of lawlessness to spread through Detroit’s neighborhoods. They refuse or are unwilling to properly secure these properties or tear them down. 

The City of Detroit would be issuing fines left and right if these properties were privately owned. In addition, the city’s PR department made up of former journalists would also be blasting the owner’s name all over the media as the “Destroyer of Detroit.”

So why isn’t the Mayor’s office or the Detroit City Council doing anything about the Detroit Land Bank Authority and their mismanagement of these properties.

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