Delray Beach Elder Abuse Alert! Local Psychopath Torments His Helpless Elderly And Handicapped Neighbors

Delray Beach Elder Abuse
Elderly residents at Delray Lakes Apartment say they tormented daily by the psychopathic behavior of David Torgerson

Delray Beach elder abuse is a pretty nonexistent thing. However, like everything else, there is an exception. At the Lake Delray Apartments at 1010 Dotterel Road, it is running rampant.

Yet, it’s not coming from building management. Neighbors say it’s coming from a suspected mentally disturbed resident who may have an opiate addiction. 

It’s an understatement to say David Torgerson likes to torment his elderly neighbors. Matter of fact, Torgerson’s behavior is down right insane. Apartment residents say they are terrified to go into the elevator with Torgerson.

Torgerson has done everything imaginable to torment his neighbors but pour motor oil on the stairs in the fire escape and yelled fire. In other words, he acts like a wannabe John Kramer aka Jigsaw from the Saw movies.

I’ve written about Torgergerson before. In 2001, he was busted exposing himself to a police officer in a Lake Worth park. Torgerson was allegedly attempting to entice the dashing deputy for some man-on-man action.

However, more shocking and perverted stories about David Torgerson have since come to light.

Former Delray Beach Commissioner Jordana Jarjura busted David Torgerson peeping in her bedroom windows while she was undressing. Jarjura’s ex-husband chased Torgerson away with a loaded gun. 

Torgerson claims to be gay. Yet, he was allegedly watching Jarjura undress. 

Delray Beach Elder Abuse Alert: Is David Torgerson Inflicting Elder Abuse On His Elderly Neighbors?

delray beach elder abuseTorgerson’s neighbors paint a much darker and twisted picture of David Torgerson. 

Neighbors allege Torgerson is one sick and twisted loner with no friends or family. They allege he torments and bullies them on nearly a daily basis.

In addition, they allege Torgerson’s behavior is putting their lives in jeopardy. As you can read below, he gleefully bragged about unleashing a bedbug infestation on his neighbors.

As a result, their complaints with building management are piling up. The owners of the HUD subsidized Lake Delray Apartments are also on the verge of evicting Torgerson. Honestly, I can’t blame them. If he was a tenant of mine, I would have out as soon as I legally could remove him.

Unfortunately, Torgerson is a Section 8 voucher holder. Thus, the voucher makes it harder for the landlord to evict him. 

Delray Beach Elder Abuse Alert: Neighbors Have Filed Dozens Of Complaints About Torgerson

The complaints against David Torgerson paint him as one sick and twisted monster:

  • Torgerson unleashed an army of bedbugs in the community center and gleefully bragged about it. He had hoped to infest the entire building.
  • On numerous occasions, Torgerson also threatened run over his elderly neighbors who were walking their dogs with his car
  • In addition, Torgerson stalks his neighbors on the walkways and in the elevator with a lead pipe.
  • Torgerson has also been seen crouching in the corner of the building elevator recording people with his cell phone. Elderly neighbors say this creeps them out and they refuse to get in the elevator with him.
  • An 83-year-old resident claims Torgerson stalked her and would follow behind her with his phone video recording her when she took her dog for a walk.
  • Torgerson called an African-American delivery man, “Boy.” 
  • One neighbor alleges Torgerson began harassing her brother with Cerebral Palsy and called him a “Retard.”

Read the complaints for yourself below:

Delray Beach Resident David Torgerson Torments His Elderly Neighbors by stephen6dibert on Scribd

Also, Check Out The 2001 Police Report From Torgerson Masturbating In Public:

Torgerson Police Report by stephen6dibert

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