More Racist Comments From Shelly Petrolia Have Emerged. Delray Beach Voters Do Collective Face Palm

Shelly Petrolia Racist Comments
The text Petrolia sent to Assistant City Manager Suzanne Fisher moments before the George Floyd vigil.

More racist comments from Shelly Petrolia have emerged and the comments are adding fuel what is already a hot button issue in her re-election bid.

Petrolia’s racism against members of Delray Beach’s black community is well documented. As result, it hangs around her neck like an albatross. 

Two sets of comments have emerged that will further alienate Petrolia from black voters in Delray Beach.

The black community is already irate over Petrolia’s attempt to purge city management of black people.

Petrolia created more problems with Delray Beach’s black community after the killing of three black people at the hands of white police officers last year. 

In May, people across Delray Beach of all faiths and color came together to mourn the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery,  Breona Taylor, and George Floyd by white police officers.

Hundreds of Delray residents came together in solidarity to call for an end to systematic racism.

Yet, Mayor Shelly Petrolia refused to attend. Ironic since Petrolia tries to paint herself as a liberal Democrat.

Petrolia sent a text to Assistant City Manager Suzanne Fisher moments before the event began saying:

Preparing for this vigil for George Floyd. Not sure what we are going to be dealing with…Need this like a hole in head.”

Petrolia’s text solidified the belief within Delray Beach’s black community that she was in fact is racist.  

Wait! There’s More Racist Comments From Shelly Petrolia!

Shelly Petrolia Racist Comments
Every Caucasian in Delray Beach did a face palm after Shelly Petrolia’s “dark skin” comment last week.

You would think that by now Shelly Petrolia would learn how to try to hide her racism. After all, she is up for re-election. She also made a complete ass out of herself at the SET Alliance debate in January. Moderators and panelists called Petrolia out repeatedly for lying to the black communities.

Nope. Every time Petrolia opens her mouth in the Haitian-American and African-American community, it’s like she’s channeling the late TV pitch man Billy Mays. It’s as if Petrolia is about to shout, “Wait! There’s more!” or “I’m not done, YET!”

Petrolia also further enraged Delray Beach’s black community last week. During her League of Women Voters debate with Tracy Caruso, Petrolia referred to her black constituents as, “my dark skinned brothers and sisters.

Even Caucasians across Delray Beach did a collective facepalm when Petrolia said it and moaned, “Oh my god! I can’t believe she just said that!” 

You can witness it yourself in the video below:

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