Shelly Petrolia Chickens Out Of Virtual Debate With Mayoral Rival Tracy Caruso. 

Shelly Petrolia Chickens Out
A bucket of KFC Extra Crispy Chicken is scheduled to stand in for Mayor Shelly Petrolia at Monday’s debate.

It’s official. Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia chickens out for her first debate against mayoral rival Tracy Caruso. The virtual debate was scheduled for Monday, January 11th.

Unfortunately, the mayor is refusing to attend. 

Why the mayor chose not to debate Caruso is unknown.

However, Petrolia not showing up does a great disservice to the residents of Delray Beach. 

Is it that Shelly Petrolia doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to debate Caruso on the issues? Petrolia’s leadership over the past two years has been anything but spectacular.

Matter of fact, you could say it’s inept. Not only is it inept, but it’s also been borderline destructive.

Shelly Petrolia Chickens Out Of Debate To Avoid Questions About The Ethics Investigation Filed Against Her

Petrolia is also under an ethics investigation that could potentially end up with her behind bars. 

Residents are concerned that these allegations in the ethics complaint may true and want to know:

  1. Did Petrolia allegedly make secret backroom political deals? If true, this is a direct violation of Florida’s Sunshine Laws?
  2. Did she interfere with city management by issuing Imelda Marcos-style “directives” in violation of the City Charter?
  3. They also are concerned if Petrolia firing city employees at will without cause and in violation of the City Charter.
  4. Allegations that Petrolia bullied and harassed employees she can’t fire to the point that they quit.
  5. Did Petrolia actually try to raise the property taxes of her political opponents or anyone she has a beef with?
  6. Residents also question Petrolia’s emails to Interim Delray Beach City Manager Jennifer Alvarez demanding she lie about the City’s water quality.

Shelly Petrolia Chickens Out Of Debate To Avoid Questions About Her Alleged Racism

Shelly Petrolia Chickens Out
Shelly Petrolia also tried to raise the property taxes on residents that she didn’t like.

Petrolia may also be dodging the debate to avoid accusations of racism.

Mayor Petrolia’s history of being absent at major events in African-American and Afro-Caribbean communities around Delray Beach since becoming mayor has also been noticed.

It also doesn’t help that Petrolia has a history of harassing and bullying black city officials. 

In addition, former City Manager George Gretsas alleged in October that to keep his job, he had to carry out Petrolia’s “Hit List”.

The “Hit List” was like Richard Nixon’s Enemies List.

It was comprised of everyone Petrolia didn’t like and was made up of primarily black city employees including the City Clerk, the City’s HR Director, and the City’s Director of the Neighborhood & Community Services Department. All of whom are black. 

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