Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia Busted. Petrolia Lied About Residents Being Forced To Drink Toilet Water!

Shelly Petrolia Busted
Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia feels if Delray’s toilet water is good enough for the Ty-D-Bol Man to swim in, it’s good enough for residents to drink.

Surprise! Surprise! The headline says it all, “Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia Busted Lying Again!” Yes, she did and this time it’s a whopper. 

This isn’t one of her usual bullshit Paul Bunyan tall tales of greatness we usually hear. 

This time it’s just low and disgusting even by Shelly Petrolia standards. It’s putting people’s health at risk! Shelly Petrolia’s latest tale is straight out of the Twilight Zone of Nuttiness.  about her claims of the 5-star rating quality of water in Delray Beach. 

Unfortunately for Petrolia, the state of Florida and Palm Beach County both called her out on her claims. Both the state and county are now fining the city for forcing residents to drink water from your dirty toilet.

Petrolia knew about the fine since the beginning of the month. Yet, she posted the video below.

In the video, she attempts to change the narrative. Like, the Trumpian style politician she is, she wants people to think she was the plucky hero who saved the day. 

However, in reality, Petrolia refuses to accept any responsibility for a crisis she helped create. A crisis that puts the lives of senior citizens in serious jeopardy. A crisis that is far worse than Covid-19. 

Petrolia has been saying for 2 years that the drinking water in Delray Beach exceeds Florida safety standards. A flat out lie. 

Shelly Petrolia Knew About The Fine But Tried To Cover It Up

Now, we find out the video is another yarn of bullshit from the mayor. Petrolia knew about the pending fine before posting the video. 

The Florida Department of Health is fining the City of Delray Beach for $3.5 million. FDH fined the city because the city’s reclaimed water system aka toilet water is flowing back into the drinking water. Apparently, this has been ongoing for over a decade.

Palm Beach County Health Director Alina Alonso sent a letter to Interim City Manager Jennifer Alvarez on January 7th. Alonso also recommended a penalty of $2.9 million to the city for problems that date back 13 years.

Consequently, Alonso said the department arrived at that figure because of the “willful or intentional nature of the city’s violations” and their long duration.

Shelly Petrolia Busted Lying About Toilet Water Mixing With Drinking Water

shelly petrolia busted
Even Little Timmy knows you shouldn’t drink from the toilet. Why doesn’t Shelly Petrolia?

Delray Beach’s reclaimed water is supposed to be used only for irrigation.

Why? Because the water is unhealthy. It contains high levels of fecal matter and other human waste. Yet, the toilet water contaminated the city’s drinking water supply for almost 13 years.

As part of the proposed consent order with the state, Delray Beach would have to issue this public notice:

The City of Delray Beach cannot assure utility customers that the drinking water produced and distributed met the standards of the Safe Water Drinking Act for the period from inception of the reclaimed water service beginning in 2007 to the time reclaimed water was deactivated on February 4, 2020.

The letter amounts to a multi-count indictment of the utility department for more than a decade.

Former City Manager George Gretsas claimed that he was fired for looking into the source of the problem. A problem he inherited.

As mayor, Shelly Petrolia led the charge to fire Gretsas. 

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